“Has this ever happened?”‘ Hanwha’s infield is full! Noh Si-hwan + Chae Eun-sung will hold ‘7.2 billion Ahn Chi-hong’ and Jung Eun-won and Ha Ju-seok will also hold ‘Infinite Competition.’

As soon as the stove league was opened, Sohn Hyuk, head of the Hanwha Eagles, was busy. He was the second overall and the first among external resources to succeed in strengthening his power. He recruited infielder Ahn Chi-hong (33) for up to 7.2 billion won for 4+2 years.

It was a year when young players, including Noh Si-hwan (23), who won two hits, and rookie Moon Hyun-bin (19), who traveled to and from home and abroad, as well as the pitcher’s Moon Dong-joo, who had to be satisfied with the elimination of last place this season.

Later, he brought veteran outfielder Kim Kang-min through the second draft and reinforced the pitching staff. He renewed his contract with foreign pitchers and the batter signed Jonathan Peraza, who can defend the outfield. On the 28th, he also signed catcher Lee Jae-won, who was released from SSG Landers. 경마사이트프로

In particular, the infield was full. Choi Won-ho’s head will likely be complicated already. This is a happy moment compared to previous years. Hanwha brought in an external FA for the first time in seven years from the Stove League last year. It invested 9 billion won (9 million U.S. dollars) for Chae Eun-seong (33), who will strengthen its batting lineup. There were some regrets, but he contributed to the team by scoring 23 homers and 84 RBIs. He also contributed to Noh’s growth.

Oh Sun-jin will wear the Lotte Giants uniform in the second draft, but Jung Eun-won (23), who won the Golden Glove to the second baseman this season, and Ha Joo-seok (29), who boasts excellent defense, are also looking for a rebound, which is expected to intensify competition.

The only sure infield owner this season was Noh Si-hwan at third base. Other than this, no player played more than 1,000 innings in one place. With competition added to this, coach Choi Won-ho’s mind is complicated.

The ideal scenario would be for Ha to elevate his skills as much as he did in his heyday. This year’s painful experience can be a nourishment for Jung, and Ha had a gap in practice due to disciplinary action against drunk driving, raising expectations that if he makes sufficient preparations for the off-season, he will rebound sufficiently next season.

As Ha’s defense has a reputation, he will be able to create positive synergy with Lee Do-yoon if he elevates his batting skills. Jung Eun-won and Moon Hyun-bin were in charge of second base this year. Ahn Chi-hong is still showing excellent batting performance, but since Moon and Jung Eun-won are evaluated as lacking in scope and overall ability in defense, it will be easier for Choi Won-ho to form an infield team.

In this case, Ahn Chi-hong and Chae Eun-sung can be used alternately to first base, and the designated hitter slot can be used more leisurely. If Kim In-hwan (29), who has a one-shot hit, performs a rebound, the synergy effect through fierce internal competition can be further enhanced.

It is compelling to think about the worst case scenario. Even in this case, it seems that the team will be able to cope with the crisis more easily due to its solid squad. This is due to the fact that infielders are now abundant enough to operate double squads in all positions except for the third base, which has become a constant number.

Hanwha, whose poor players have always been considered a weakness. Many fans express satisfaction with Hanwha’s move in the stove league because they have filled the weaknesses that plagued the team. Expectations for Hanwha’s next season are also swelling.

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