Gyeongnam Development Corporation dramatically beats Seoul Metropolitan Government to chase top spot

Gyeongnam Development Corporation dramatically defeated Seoul Metropolitan Government to close in on first-place SK Sugar Gliders.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation defeated Seoul Metropolitan Government 30-28 on Sunday in the fifth game of the second round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League Women’s Division at SK Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

With the victory, Gyeongnam Development Corporation turned the tide after three games and now has nine wins, one draw and two losses, and 19 points, tied with first-place SK Sugar Gliders. They stayed in second place behind the winner.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government tried for a third straight win but lost, leaving them in third place with seven wins, one draw and four losses and 15 points. The loss against second-place Gyeongnam Development Corporation widened the gap to four points.

After falling behind in the first round, Gyeongnam Development Corporation came back to win 30-26 in a thrilling match that saw the team take the lead in the first half and come back to win in the second half. Gyeongnam Development Corporation won the two-game series.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation took the lead early in the first half. Seoul City Hall’s inability to penetrate the defense led to errors and Gyeongnam Development Corporation took an 8-4 lead.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation’s Kim Sora and Heo Yoo-jin blocked mid-range shots with block shots in the center, and Seoul Metropolitan Government struggled. However, an error by Gyeongnam Development Corporation allowed the Seoul Metropolitan Government to pull within 8-7.

The game went back and forth, with Gyeongnam Development Corporation leading by two or three points and Seoul Metropolitan Government following suit. Gyeongnam Development Corporation ended the first half with a 14-11 lead thanks to back-to-back interceptions.

The second half was tense. The teams ran parallel lines, exchanging one goal apiece. Seoul Metropolitan Government exploded with a goal from Woo Bit-na, who had been quiet in the first half. Gyeongnam Development Corporation scored evenly, led by Lee Yeon-kyung and Choi Ji-hye, but Seoul Metropolitan Government scored 12 goals in the second half, including seven in a row from Woo Bitna, to take control of the game.

A save from goalkeeper Jung Jin-hee broke the tense balance, and Seoul Metropolitan Government tied the game at 22-21, and then came back with a successful interception to tie the game at 25-25 and take a 27-25 lead.

Just when it looked like the tide had completely shifted in favor of Seoul Metropolitan Government, the team was handed a two-minute red card, followed by a red card 사설토토 for Jo Aram, leaving them at a numerical disadvantage. Gyeongnam Development Corporation took advantage of this and scored two goals in a row to tie the game.

Woo Bint-na’s shot from the edge of the box was saved by Osara. While Woo’s shots were blocked, Gyeongnam Development Corporation took the lead as Bae Min-hee scored back-to-back goals and eventually won 30-28.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation was led offensively by Choi Ji-hye, who was named MVP of the match, with 10 goals and Lee Yeon-kyung with four goals, while Osara made eight saves.

Seoul Metropolitan Government led the offense with 14 goals from Woo Beet-na and five goals from Lee Kwon-na, while Jung Jin-hee made seven saves.

“Every game is important, but I’m glad we won,” said Bae Min-hee of Gyeongnam Development Corporation, who scored the winning goal with two consecutive goals at the end. “I’m grateful to those who have been supporting us, and I’m shrugging my shoulders because I can show you winning games often, so please look forward to more in the future.”

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