Gustavo X Ahn Hyun-beom X Jung Woo-jae delivers 10 million won in donations to help recover from heavy rain and typhoon damage

Jeonbuk unveiled a new donation theme for Naver Happy Bean Piggy Bank, which is donated by athletes and fans together, on the 21st. In order to share the pain of neighbors affected by flood damage due to sudden heavy rains and typhoons this summer, it was decided to help flood victims with a new donation theme. 토토사이트

Through Happy Bean, Jung Woo-jae, Ahn Hyun-beom, and Gustavo donated a total of 10 million won, and fans can also participate in the donation of Su Jae-min with the players through Happy Bean Piggy Bank from the 21st.

In Jeollabuk-do, Hong Jung-ho and other captains have already donated 10 million won to recover from the flood in Iksan on the 11th. Following them, the bean piggy bank will once again continue a donation procession for flood victims.

The donations will be delivered to flood victims nationwide through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. Jung Woo-jae, who participated in the donation, said, “I hope our help will help those affected by the flood.”

In July, Ryu Jae-moon and Maeng Sung-woong of Jeonbuk collected 5,640,900 won in donations with their fans and delivered donations to the people of Turkiye and Syria who suffered from the earthquake.

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