Governor Burgum Signs Gambling Deal With North Dakota Tribes To Allow Vegas-style Games and Lower Legal Gambling Age

Gov. Doug Burgum signed an agreement with Native Indian tribes in North Dakota that would allow third-degree casino-style online games, as well as lower the legal gambling age at tribal-owned casinos from 21 to 19. The agreement, known as the agreement, will also allow gamblers who are booked to gamble to use credit or debit cards.

The five new gambling contracts will also allow online sports betting through mobile devices used in reservation zones, but will not be out of reservation range.

The agreement comes after Governor Burgum rejected a petition last month by five tribes in the state. Tribes claim exclusive rights to hold internet gambling and sports betting outside the reservation, but state law does not allow such an expansion. 안전놀이터

After a series of meetings, the state and tribes found that this solution was acceptable to both parties. Republican governor says tribal representatives approved contract Friday.

Burgum’s statement said on the occasion, “We deeply appreciate tribal chairmen and their representatives for their cooperation during these months of negotiations, and we look forward to continuing the mutually beneficial gaming partnership between the nation and the sovereign tribal nations that we share geographically.”

The United Tribal Game Association, made up of leaders from the state’s five tribes, has yet to issue a statement.

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