“Goodbye Kangin” Mbappe leaves PSG to transfer to Real Madrid…I’m going out this summer

“Kylian Mbappe is moving to Real Madrid. The drama is over. I have already reached an agreement with Real Madrid. I will join Real Madrid from next season,” said Santi Auna of French media “Foot Mercato.”

Mbappe’s contract with PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) is six months away. This means that he can freely negotiate with other teams. Mbappe, who refused to renew his contract with PSG, decided to go to Real Madrid, which had long been rumored to be a transfer.

Mbappe has 18 goals and two assists in 16 matches this season. He has no match in the French Ligue 1 for a long time. He is overwhelmingly the top scorer this season as well. He has a whopping 10 goals difference with Vissam Ben-Jetter, who is ranking second in goal. For Mbappe, who is considered the world’s best striker, the French Ligue 1 stage was too small.

Mbappe transferred to PSG on loan after AS Monaco in 2017. PSG hired Mbappe on condition that he be fully recruited after the loan. Despite his teenage years, Mbappe was chosen by AS Monaco as the player who will take responsibility for his team’s future as he scored 27 goals and 16 assists in 60 matches including the UEFA Champions League.

Mbappe, who longed for Cristiano Ronaldo, longed for Real Madrid. However, Mbappe accepted his move to PSG. After conquering French Ligue 1 and the Champions League at PSG, he now plans to take the next step at Real Madrid. Mbappe displayed overwhelming performance at PSG. He finished the warm-up with 21 goals and 16 assists in 48 matches, including the Cup 2017-18 season, and posted 39 goals and 17 assists in 43 matches in the 2018-19 season, when full recruitment options were in effect. Along with the world’s best players, Edinson Cavani and Neymar, Mbappe has emerged as a key player in PSG and an icon of French soccer. 파칭코사이트인포

PSG’s goal was simple. It was the European championship that the team has never achieved since its inception. Mbappe has attracted a large number of world-class players. For example, it instigated a 222 million euros buyout from Neymar to Barcelona in 2017. He attempted to make history by bringing in a player who was considered Lionel Messi’s successor from the world’s best team. Finally, in 2021, Messi was even hired by Barcelona.

This was the reason Mbappe, who has emerged as a French icon, could not easily afford to lose. Mbappe has scored more than 20 goals every season, gaining momentum in PSG’s victory. He is still a superstar, having scored 234 goals and 100 assists in 283 matches. PSG kept Mbappe through a contract renewal, but Mbappe wanted to win the title in Europe. Even if they brought in world-class players and replaced a large number of coaches, the UEFA Champions League trophy would be far from PSG. PSG advance to the final round as a single match against the coronavirus, and most of them lost in the quarterfinals.

It was the same when Messi and Neymar formed the world’s best trio. Their objective name value and ransom were the “space guards,” but they were beaten again by Real Madrid. They renewed their contract with PSG in 2022, but when their contract expired, they decided not to accompany them anymore. PSG announced that it would renew the contract with Mbappe until 2025, but in reality, it was an option to extend it by one year. If Mbappe does not comply with the club’s request, the official contract period will end in 2024. Mbappe said he would focus on PSG by the summer of 2024, but his intention to leave for a free agent transfer fee of 0 won has not changed, which angered many high-ranking officials at the club.

It was all the more shocking because the team released high-priced players and formed a team focusing on Mbappe. In fact, PSG Chairman Naser al-Khelaifi told a news conference to select Luis Enrique that he was shocked at the fact that Mbappe would leave the team as a free agent next season. Such decision could weaken France’s largest club. “I am really disappointed. I have to make a decision within the next two weeks. If I don’t sign a new contract, the door to exit is open,” PSG Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi told reporters.

PSG threatened Mbappe, but his decision remained unchanged. As Mbappe remained steady, he tried to cajole Mbappe. Many including Forbes, a U.S.-based media outlet, said, “Paris Saint-Germain has put Mbappe on the negotiating table for a 10-year contract worth 1 billion euros. If Mbappe accepts the offer from Paris Saint-Germain, it will be the largest in the history of the sport.” However, Mbappe did not respond to PSG’s offer to renew the contract.

PSG eventually put it up for sale in the transfer market due to Mbappe’s unwavering offer. There is only one year left, but it decided to sell it if there was an offer worthy of the ransom. Excluding Mbappe from pre-season tours and various promotional materials was a representative example of PSG’s decision.

According to Fabrizio Romano, a European soccer transfer market expert, a Saudi Arabian team has approached Mbappe. He only wanted to play in the Saudi Arabian league for one year until the 2023-24 season. Starting with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the team has recruited world-class players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, N’Golo Kante, and Karim Benzema, which could be a symbolic recruitment if they brought in the world’s best players in their prime.

The team that approached Mbappe was Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal. Al-Hilal offered Mbappe a fixed salary of 200 million euros and a 100 percent guarantee of portrait rights. The team negotiations ended after proposing 300 million euros (423 billion won) in transfer fee to PSG, but failed in individual negotiations. Mbappe has decided not to have any dialogue with Al-Hilal. He did not even show his face to the negotiators who came to Paris, and clearly conveyed his intention to reject the transfer. As Mbappe and PSG goals deepened, a lot of rumors spread. PSG Talk quoted a report saying, “Mbappe was not interested in appointing Luis Enrique. They were not very satisfied with the transfer policy that PSG is currently conducting.”

PSG has decided to exclude Mbappe from the first-team squad. However, that decision was short-lived. With a local report saying, “Talks between Mbappe and PSG have resumed,” it added, “It’s an unexpected new twist. Talking to Mbappe about PSG. Things could move on next week. Everything suggests that PSG has Mbappe included in the first-team squad to regain the team’s dynamism. It could even go further and renew the contract.”

Even British media outlet Mirror said, “Mbappe and PSG got off to a chilly start. However, they can return to the negotiating table. We cannot guarantee a positive solution, but talks between Mbappe and PSG have begun. The gloomy situation could change after the start of the season.” PSG said it would listen to Mbappe’s demands. Mbappe wanted to send Neymar and start the new season as a fully young team. When Al Hilal approached Paris Saint-Germain with a transfer fee of up to 300 billion won, he accepted and said goodbye. Afterwards, France’s best friend Usman Dembele and others were brought in for a last-minute team reshuffle, and Mbappe was assigned to the first team.

Mbappe also pledged to focus on PSG, sealing the conflict with Mbappe. Since then, he has incorporated into PSG plans in earnest and displayed robust performance. He also played well with Lee Kang-in, a freshman this summer. He has recorded 25 goals and three assists in 24 matches, including the Cup championships, so far this season, displaying robust physical performance as usual. With the opening of the winter transfer window, rumors have emerged that Mbappe will be transferred to Mbappe again. “Real Madrid has set a deadline for Mbappe’s transfer,” global sports media outlet The Athletic said. “If you want to join Real Madrid, you have to give an answer at the transfer window (before the middle of the season) in January next year.”

Real Madrid had long wanted to recruit Mbappe since 2019, but it has failed to produce a result. More than 90 percent of the players were likely to come to Real Madrid in 2022, and they also renewed their contract with PSG. They didn’t want to do it again this time, and they wanted to finish it during the winter transfer window. Since the contract will expire in six months, they don’t have to be wary of PSG because they can freely negotiate based on the Boseman rule.

Real Madrid has high expectations for its future resources. The media said, “Jude Bellingham and Hodrigo are at the core of the team. Next summer, even Brazil’s promising prospect Endrick will join. High-ranking Real Madrid officials believe that Mbappe’s recruitment is a bonus. This summer is the last time Mbappe has a chance to sign with Real Madrid.”

I wanted to see Mbappe’s attitude during this round of negotiations. I wanted to examine whether he really wants to move to Real Madrid from various perspectives. French media Leciff said, “The top priority is the desire to join Real Madrid. Bellingham, who joined Real Madrid after rejecting offers to join several Premier League teams this summer, is a case in point.” Mbappe seems to have shown satisfactory attitude toward Real Madrid. On the negotiating table were an annual salary of 26 million euros and a bonus of 130 million euros. Real Madrid planned to recruit Mbappe as the best-paid player in the club’s history.

Some also sensed that PSG was confident in renewing its contract at the last minute. French media outlet Lekief said, “PSG wants to give Mbappe some time. Internally, the club is positive about Mbappe’s contract renewal. It also has confidence. PSG said Mbappe was very happy in the team. Some said that Mbappe and other high-ranking officials are having flexible talks.” However, given that simultaneous reports were made from France and Spain, Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid seems to have made considerable progress.

French media outlet Foot Mercato also said, “Now Real Madrid has a new player and will take on a big challenge this summer. These will be done with Mbappe,” adding that he was confident that he would be able to see Mbappe wearing a Real Madrid uniform away from PSG in the 2024-25 season. As rumors of Mbappe’s transfer grew, questions poured out to French President Macron. When Mbappe signed his contract with PSG in 2022, he was close to Real Madrid, but there was a story that President Maron persuaded him to stay by phone.

Asked about Mbappe’s transfer, Macron said in principle, “Should I talk about Mbappe? I am not Mbappe’s agent. Mbappe is a really good soccer player. He is the captain of the French national team. He is a great driving force in leading the French national team and I hope he wins the Euro 2024. The same applies to Mbappe. Rumors of a Real Madrid agreement are being reported from all over Europe, but no response has been made. In an interview right after winning the French Super Cup, Macron said, “I have not made any decision yet. I have not made a choice. I reached an agreement with PSG last summer. Whatever the decision I make, I have to protect the people around me. I had to keep calm with PSG.”

Of course, he didn’t deny it because it was an open ending. Mbappe replied, “I’m motivated this season. This is really important. There are trophies to hold. First, I got one of them. This is the most important thing at the moment. Now, if I know what to do, it won’t take too long.”

After all, Mbappe’s final decision was to move to Real Madrid. Spanish media Marca even revealed the details of Mbappe’s contract with Real Madrid. “Real Madrid will contact Mbappe next week. If Mbappe gets a positive response, we will make sure that he arrives at Real Madrid in the summer when his contract with PSG ends. Real Madrid wants to complete the negotiations with Mbappe as soon as possible.” According to the report, Real Madrid will put on the negotiation table the same terms as it offered Mbappe last summer. It plans to offer an annual salary of 26 million euros and a bonus of 130 million euros.

He naturally broke up with Lee Kang-in, too. Lee left Mallorca last summer to move to PSG. His meeting with Mbappe sent Korean soccer fans crazy. Lee Kang-in led PSG’s attack along with Mbappe this season. The two players reigned as PSG icons to the extent that they competed for the top spot in the team’s uniform sales list. They boasted of their close friendship both on and off the field and displayed fantastic teamwork. He even acquired the trophy in his first match of the new year in 2024. PSG beat Toulouse 2-0 in the Trope de Champion 2023 French Super Cup held in Paris, France on Thursday. The Trope de Champion is a showdown between the French Ligue 1 champion and the cup winner. PSG, which won the French Ligue 1 title last season, and Toulouse, which won the cup, faced off on the same day. It was Lee Kang-in who played in the match. Lee Kang-in postponed his bid for the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar for the Super Cup. When players from Europe, including Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan, joined the Korean national team after the last match in December, he remained in France. It was to give PSG the trophy.

On the day, Lee Kang-in led PSG by playing full-time. He also scored the first and final goal. After the match, he was named the MVP of the competition by the French Super Cup, adding to his glory. He won the title six months after his transfer to PSG. Lee Kang-in said, “I wanted to bring the French Super Cup. I had greed to win the title even before the match. I always tried to help my team, and I tried really hard. Playing with the best players in the world helped me a lot. I am trying to learn a lot from my teammates. I wanted to win the title even before the game. I am happy to win the championship and want to enjoy the day. I always try to help my team, and I try to train hard. He says he wants to learn from good players. I am so happy to be in PSG.” He indirectly said that he was influenced by Mbappe. However, with Mbappe leaving now, Lee Kang-in has put more pressure on him. For PSG, Neymar, Messi and Mbappe have left. It is time to prepare for a new era.

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