“Good for you, Jung-hoo, with a good coach.” I’m an enemy now, but… I also congratulated Ha-sung on going to SF

Lee Jung-hoo held a joining ceremony and a press conference at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California on the 16th (Korea time). As he passed the physical examination on the previous day (15th), his six-year, $113 million contract was officially announced, and on the same day, he greeted his fans by wearing a San Francisco uniform and hat with his jersey number 51 on it.

Lee Jung-hoo’s press conference lasted about 33 minutes. Local reporters were constantly asking questions about Kim Ha-sung, but the contents of Kim Ha-sung could not be left out. Lee Jung-hoo played for the Heroes with Kim Ha-sung for four years until 2020 after his debut in 2017. Although he is a senior and junior to 3-year-old Tuul, he has developed into a strong bond that sticks on and off the ground.

Kim Ha-sung advanced to the Major League first in 2021, laying the groundwork for Lee Jung-hoo. Kim Ha-sung, who had his first year of adaptation, has been a key player since last year, his second year, and won the Gold Glove in the NL Utility category this year. He spent his best season with a leap forward in batting, and also had a positive impact on Lee Jung-hoo, who is about to advance to the big league. Although the position was different, he was compared to Kim Ha-sung as a player from the KBO League in the same age, and won a large contract that exceeded expectations. 파워볼실시간

Kim Ha-sung’s advice, which first experienced the Major League, seems to have affected not only baseball but also contracts. When asked about Lee Jung-hoo’s contract at a press conference marking the gold glove award on April 20, Kim said, “I don’t think the right to veto a minor league is meaningful. It is better to put opt-out in the contract terms.” In fact, Lee added the opt-out terms four years after his six-year contract. With player-friendly contracts, he has also opened up the possibility of signing an FA contract four years later.

The name of Kim Ha-sung was also mentioned at the press conference of Lee Jung-hoo when he joined San Francisco. On meeting Kim Ha-sung as an enemy, Lee Jung-hoo said, “Ha-sung played as a teammate in Korea. He became a spiritual support to me. I was able to have such a big dream because he has always said good things to me since I was in Korea,” adding, “I am amazed and excited to have a showdown with him, leaving behind the days we played together. I think I should continue to ask him a lot.”

San Diego, where Kim Ha-sung belongs, was also interested in Lee Jung-hoo, and was mentioned as a strong candidate for recruitment, but it did not exceed San Francisco’s conditions. Although Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Ha-sung, who fell to different teams, can now help each other as the same Korean big leaguers.

After Lee Jung-hoo was confirmed to go to San Francisco, Kim Ha-sung also called to wish him a happy birthday. “Ha-sung said congratulations when he heard the news. What he said the most was, ‘It’s great to play baseball under a good coach.'” After leaving San Diego, Melvin was appointed as the new manager last month.

Melvin, a three-time manager of the year, has 20 years of experience as the head coach of the Major League. He has led the San Diego Padres over the past two years, giving Kim a chance and giving support. When Fernando Tatis Jr. was out of injury last year, he appointed Kim as the starting shortstop. This year, he moved to second base and fixed Kim as the first hitter in the infield, bringing about batting potential.

Melvin, a mild-mannered coach who communicates well, is highly trusted by players. Although he has been a manager for 20 years, he is a veteran coach who is recognized for his leadership to the extent that he has never been rumored to be at odds with players. He always gives opportunities to players who believe in baseball of trust once. The presence of Melvin, who led to Kim Ha-sung’s success by watching him right next to him, is expected to be a great help to Lee Jung-hoo, who is starting anew.

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