GC Record Gambling Activity Rises In July 2021 And GGY Falls

GB Gambling Commission reported iGaming Vertical’s online gambling activity and financial results in July 2021. The committee released the data in the latest casino news.

In July, the UK online gambling market was affected by pandemic-related deregulation and major sporting events, the EURO 2020 and Olympic Games.

The UK gambling authority saw an overall increase of 5% in bets and spins in the iGaming segment compared to June 2021, while the number of active gamblers remained at the same level. The increase was mainly due to increased activity in slot games and online casino verticals (up 6% month-on-month in each niche). However, as the UEFA Championship ended on July 11, the number of bets on actual events decreased. The total number of bets was from 272m to 252m, down 7% from the previous month, and the number of bets on sporting events was down 4%.

In July, there were more than 1 million primarily automated customer interactions, up 1% from June 2021. And the average session of the slot game lasted 19 minutes. 파친코

Online GGY drops as betting returns are low
Online gambling revenues also fell 8% from figures recorded in June, according to UKGC data. GGY’s fall of 감소456 million in July was mainly attributable to lower earnings from betting on live events (down 19% from June 2021). At the same time, GC bets on eSport, posting a 17% increase in GGY in meetings and a 4% increase in slot games.

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