First PK, this time Heather! Son Heung-min scores multiple goals against China’s “non-manager,” leading 2-0

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, is facing China in the second Group C match of the 2026 FIFA Asian qualifying round at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China, at 9 p.m. on the 21st. South Korea, which was leading with Son Heung-min’s first goal, made it 2-0 with an additional goal by Son Heung-min.

South Korea pulled out a 4-2-3-1 formation. Cho Kyu-sung sought to score from the front line, and Hwang Hee-chan, Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min stood in the second line of attack. Hwang In-beom and Park Yong-woo protected the four-back, and Lee Ki-je, Kim Min-jae, Jung Seung-hyun and Kim Tae-hwan packed the four-back. Goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu defended the goal.

China fought back with a 4-4-2 formation. Urei-Tanlong matched the attack combination, and Wei Xihao, Wu Xi, Wang Xiangyuan, and Liu Binbin came out to the midfield. Jucheonje, Jang Sung-lung and Jang Lin-feng set up a four-bag, and Yang Jun-ring wore gloves.

Korea took the opportunity first. In the 9th minute of the first half, Hwang Hee-chan grabbed the ball and dribbled and passed it toward Cho Kyu-sung, who penetrated the box. It led to a pre-wedding situation at the gate and fell on Jucheonje’s foot in the scene where Hwang Hee-chan ran again. The referee declared a penalty. 토토사이트
Son Heung-min, who played as a kicker, scored without any problems with his accurate shot.

After that, South Korea, which threatened China by creating a scoring opportunity, added another goal in the 45th minute of the first half. In a corner kick situation, Son Heung-min cut a cross from Lee Kang-in and scored with a perfect header. The score was 2-0.

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