Figure skating Cha Jun-hwan wins 8th consecutive overall championship Obtained qualification to participate in the World Championships

 Korean figure skating men’s singles star Jun-hwan Cha (Korea University) won the 78th National Men’s and Women’s Figure Skating Comprehensive Championships and the second round of national team selection, earning a gold medal of 8 consecutive wins in competitions and securing the Taegeuk mark and world championships for the next season. We won all the qualifications for the competition.Cha Jun-hwan received a technical score (TES) of 89.35 points, artistic score (PCS) of 90.08 points, and a total score of 179.43 points in the men’s free skating competition held at the Uijeongbu Indoor Ice Rink in Gyeonggi-do on the 7th.As a result, he won with a final total score of 275.94 points, including the short program score of 96.51 points, beating 2nd place Lee Si-hyung (241.05 points, Korea University) and 3rd place Seo Min-gyu (232.62 points, Kyungshin Middle School) by a large margin.Cha Jun-hwan has won eight consecutive competitions since 2017, and also obtained the right to participate in the International Skating Union (ISU) 2024 World Championships, which is given to the top three men’s singles players in this competition.

In addition, they received the Taegeuk mark for the next season, which is awarded to five men’s singles players by adding up the scores from the first round of national team selection and the scores from this competition. On this day, Cha Jun-hwan lowered the difficulty of the program by performing only one quadruple jump due to an ankle injury.He successfully completed his first jumping task, the quadruple Salchow solo jump, and immediately performed the triple Axel, triple Lutz-single Euler-triple Salchow combination jump without any mistakes.Cha Jun-hwan, who performed three jumps in a row, improved the perfection of his performance with a stable flying camel spin (level 4) and then successfully successfully performed a triple Lutz solo jump.

Cha Jun-hwan, who received applause from the audience for his elegant step sequence (level 4), continued his flowing performance in the second half, for which 10% extra points were awarded.Cha Jun-hwan performed clean triple flip-double axel sequence jumps, triple loops, and triple flip jumps in succession, and finished his performance with a change foot combination spin (level 3), a Coreo sequence, and a flying change foot combination spin (level 4).After completing the domestic competition schedule, Cha Jun-hwan plans to participate in the ISU Four Continents Championships to be held in Shanghai, China at the end of this month, and then begin preparations for the World Championships to be held in Montreal, Canada in March.Meanwhile, Lee Si-hyung, who came in second place in this competition, and Kim Hyeon-gyeom (Han Advertising), who came in fourth place, will also participate in the World Championships.Seo Min-gyu, 슬롯게이밍 ranked 3rd, will participate in the Junior World Championships due to the age limit.

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