Fedi market heating, first big business since Sun Dong-yeol and overseas?

The controversy between “It’s a brilliant career that will overwhelm the KBO League” and “He’s a player in a downward trend” has already been concluded cleanly with the former. This is the story of Eric Peddy (30NC), the best pitcher in the KBO League this year and a rare record in KBO League history.

Peddy, who showed overwhelming ball power from the start of the season and showed his true value as a “current major league starting rotation player,” is now preparing to make his final regular season appearance. His consistent achievements without a single major crisis are spectacular. Peddy pitched 174 ⅔ innings in 29 games of the season, with a 20-6 record and a 2.06 ERA. He is currently the most likely candidate for the MVP of the regular season. I can’t see my competitors very well.

Everything from skill, character, and adaptation was perfect. It is evaluated that he tried to adapt well without lowering the Korean stage and communicated with his colleagues relatively smoothly. On top of that, there was a steady desire for development. He moved to Arizona before the season and conducted systematic training, and was determined to return to the Major League based on good results in Korea. The performance is combined with good skills and strong motivation. 토토

There is a possibility that such Peddy will become the hero of the great achievement of only one player in the history of the KBO League. Peddy will start the game against KIA at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 16th. NC, currently in third place on thin ice, will occupy the advantage of third-place Mercury if it wins the game. If NC wins the game and Doosan wins the game against Doosan and SSG in Jamsil at the same time, it will secure third place and go into the semi-playoff.

Team victory seems to be more important than Pedi, who is already overwhelmingly ahead in the MVP race, but Pedi personally challenges the big task. Peddy will finish the season with an ERA of 1 point if he does not allow an earned run by throwing more than 6 innings on the day. He has already struck out 200 and won 20 games. A huge task will be completed if the ERA is in the 1 point range.

In the history of the KBO League, there have been several players who have achieved 200 strikeouts and 20 wins at the same time. However, it is really hard to find a case in which the ERA in the 1 point range is caught. The only player who achieved this is Sun Dong-yeol, who is called the “national treasure. In 1986, Sun Dong-yeol recorded a new era with 24 wins and 214 strikeouts and an ERA of 0.99 . It’s only one precedent of Peddy’s record of challenging. Sun Dong-yeol went back and forth between the starter and the bullpen at the time, and Peddy can challenge this achievement with 30 starts.

Overseas scouts have already finished evaluating Pedi. Basically, Major League Baseball clubs are interested in it. In fact, until the beginning of the season, the evaluation was not very favorable. An official who is well versed in the situation said at the beginning of the season, “He is a player who has already accumulated enough data to play in the Major League, and he is certain to judge the player. In their view, he was a “failed player.” However, as detailed data became better than last year, this atmosphere began to change 180 degrees.

Major League scouts basically look at Korean amateur prospects and professional players such as Lee Jung-hoo, but they also look closely at whether there are foreign pitchers who can make a “U-turn” in the process. It’s to judge a lottery worth scratching. No wonder Peddy is on the radar. It is predicted that it will be possible to treat more than Drew Rucinski, who signed with Oakland in the Major League ahead of this season. Lucinski’s salary this year was $3 million, and Pedi was better and younger than Lucinski.

Japanese clubs are also interested. Since the middle of the season, Japanese professional baseball clubs have dispatched officials to watch Pedi’s pitch. In August and September, interest was quite specific, with more than one Japanese club official almost every game. Originally, Orix’s interest was the most, but since then, Japan’s most prestigious Yomiuri has also been the most interested. An official explained, “It is more than a step when Raul Alcantara (Doosan) signed a contract with Hanshin.”

If the U.S. and Japanese clubs jump in, it will be difficult to keep Pedi. Although NC did its best, the general interpretation is that the annual salary that can be invested in a player in the KBO League is in the early $2 million range. On the contrary, Lucinski alone received $3 million, and Angel Sanchez, who signed with Yomiuri ahead of the 2020 season, received about 3.6 billion won in exchange rates at the time as an estimated annual salary. There’s no way NC can win a money fight. As Peddy hopes to advance to the top league, he may be drawing a scenario in which he leads NC as high as possible this fall and says goodbye with a smile.

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