EPL to introduce ‘semi-automated offside technology’ for 2024-2025 season

오피셜] '오심 좀 줄어들까' EPL, 2024~2025시즌 '반자동 오프사이드 기술' 도입 예정..."정확히는 가을 A매치 이후"

The English Premier League (EPL) is also introducing semi-automated offside.

“At today’s EPL meeting, clubs unanimously agreed to introduce Semi-Automated Offside (SAOT) technology,” the EPL announced on its official website.

The Semi-Automated Offside System uses 12 tracking cameras to track the ball and player movements in real-time and immediately alert the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) when an offside situation occurs. If a player in an offside position touches the ball, an automatic offside notification is immediately sent to the video assistant referee.

The video referee can detect the selected kick point and automatically generated offside line based on the position of the player’s limbs, even before the referee on the pitch confirms it. SAOT makes it possible to clearly identify moments of offside that are difficult to read with the human eye.

The technology made a lot of noise at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where it was officially introduced. In the opening match, SAOT stunned fans with an accurate offside call on a goal just three minutes after kickoff. Later, in the group stage, when the Saudis edged Argentina 2-1, the SAOT disallowed Argentina’s goal on three occasions, with many people expressing surprise that the SAOT was able to disallow what appeared to be a goal in dubious circumstances.

Last season, Serie A made waves by introducing SAOT immediately after the World Cup. The Bundesliga followed suit this season and has been widely praised for its accurate offside calls.

The introduction of the EPL could not be more welcomed by fans. The EPL has been one of the most controversial leagues for officiating in the past and present.

This season’s match between Tottenham and Liverpool was no exception. In the first half of that game, Luis Diaz took a forward pass from Mohamed Salah in the 34th minute of the first half against Tottenham. Diaz beat Tottenham goalkeeper Vicario to the ball, but was ruled offside by the referee.

Replays showed that Diaz did not cross Romero’s left leg. However, the replay did not show the VAR line, which is the line that indicates whether a player is 토토 onside or offside when the ball is played, and many people, including the match officials, argued after the game.

The PGMOL, the body responsible for match officials across the English professional game, said that a “significant human error” had occurred, that the VAR had not intervened in the decision, and that the goal should have been allowed. The lines were drawn and procedures followed, but instead of intervening and advising the referee to award the goal, the referee only received an ‘OK’ signal. “PGMOL recognizes that a significant human error occurred in the first half between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool,” the organization said on its official website. But by then, the decision had already been made.

The introduction of a semi-automated offside system could be an effective solution to eliminate this series of incorrect calls.

It is expected to be implemented starting in the upcoming 2024-2025 season, more precisely after the September A-Match in the fall of that season. “The new system will be used for the first time in the EPL next season and is expected to be ready for introduction after the fall A-Match break,” the EPL said.

‘The technology will enable faster and more consistent placement of virtual offside lines and produce high-quality broadcast graphics, ensuring an enhanced in-stadium and broadcast experience for fans,’ the organization added.

It will be interesting to see how the introduction of a semi-automated offside system will affect the EPL, which has already seen its share of controversial calls since the introduction of VAR.

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