DraftKings Accuses Hermalin of Wrongdoing

Among the charges against Hermalin was that he encouraged two employees to follow him to Panatics. Hermalin instead claimed that one of the DraftKings employees involved had already applied to Panatics in 2022, claiming that former colleagues had instead contacted him and simply responded to their questions.

DraftKings is also accusing Hermalin of soliciting customers. One highlighted case involved Hermalin introducing a customer to a Panatics VIP employee at the Super Bowl. However, the filing states that the customer is already a longtime Panatics bettor who met the company’s chairman and CEO, Michael Rubin, at a dinner a few months ago.

Despite the perception that Hermalyn is attempting to recruit customers and employees, DraftKings does not claim to have lost any of its sectors to Fanatics. Regarding VIP programs, the paperwork notes that they often overlap between Fanatics and DraftKings-sized companies.

Submission: Hermalin’s claim to share secrets “outrageous”
DraftKings also accused Hermalyn of downloading company documents on non-DraftKings devices. Hermalyn disputes this, claiming that he was only looking at documents on his personal phone, as he had since he started working.

The filing reportedly stated that DraftKings is not providing company phones to employees, and that the company’s chief information security officer uses private phones for work.

In response to claims that Hermalyn stole data from her former employer, Hermalyn explains that she only migrated files through a device published by DraftKings with the company’s IT department. 스포츠토토탑

The filing states that Hermalin went “above and above” to return all of DraftKings’ property, documents and information to the company before he began his new role in Panatics.

Hermalin at risk of “irreparable harm”
The filing calls for the preliminary investigation to be rejected, and Hermalin’s career risks “irreparable” damage.

Currently, Hermalyn is one of only seven Fanatics employees on a 16,000-member team who report directly to the CEO. Hermalyn fears that a “once-in-a-lifetime” job opportunity could slip out of his grasp if a pre-ban order is issued.

The filing also asks that the preliminary investigation be rejected because of overly strict restrictions on Hummerlin’s activities. Hummerlin essentially has to leave the sports, betting and gaming industries for a year, arguing that the restrictions “go far beyond” what DraftKings needs to protect its business interests.

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