Conference USA announced a partnership with U.S. Integrity as the league’s provider of sports betting monitoring services and compliance software.

Commissioner Judy McLeod said, “This partnership is very important to us as we are working to explore the sports betting environment.” “With all the uncertainty in the gambling space of college athletic events, USI offers the peace of mind that we are doing our part to manage any illegal activity that could damage the games we are playing, while providing an essential role in educating and protecting campus managers, coaches, student athletes and officials.” 안전놀이터 추천

U.S. Integrity performs analysis across dozens of datasets to proactively identify irregular match levels, oversight and betting patterns. Reports are based on data monitoring results and are provided through an easy-to-use online dashboard that is completely customized for easy access to real-time information. U.S. Integrity also provides CUSA with resources that include on-site training for student athletes, coaches, staff and officials, as well as access to Banjet systems, a fully encrypted, distributed cross-monitoring and notification platform designed to protect sports integrity and comply with state regulations. ProhiBet will play a pivotal role in preventing certain individuals, such as athletes, coaches, league officials and administrations, from making banned sports bets.

Matthew Holt, CEO and co-founder of U.S. Integrity, said, “As bets on their events continue to grow rapidly throughout the regulated sports betting market, we are excited to work with Conference USA.” “The core value of our partnership will provide student athletes with education and training services and ProhiBet’s latest encrypted data transmission system.”

Conference USA joins U.S. Integrity’s league portfolio, which includes the South Eastern Conference, the big 12, the pack 12, the West Coast Conference, the big west, the big sky, major league baseball, the National Basketball Association, the UFC and PGA Tour.

ProhiBet is a joint venture between U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance. U.S. Integrity is a leading compliance technology and consulting firm in the sports betting and gaming industry, while U.S. Integrity provides betting monitoring services to stakeholders across the sports betting and gaming industry.

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