“Coming to Rome, I will end your soccer life!”…Tottenham fans’ anger over confirmation of absence from 15G

It is understandable that he broke down the first player to start in about 30 minutes after nine months of rehabilitation.

According to British media such as “Football London” on the 29th, Bentancur will not be able to play for about two and a half more months due to a torn ankle ligament in his first start match at Tottenham in about nine months. Sky Sports nailed that Bentancur will not return until February next year.

Bentancur started as a central midfielder in the 13th round of the 2023/24 Premier League home game against Aston Villa at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 27th.

After a long wait, Bentancur stood at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as a starter. Earlier on the 27th of last month, he made his return to Tottenham as a substitute for extra time in the second half of the match against Crystal Palace, and later played for about 30 minutes in the match against Chelsea and Wolverhampton, increasing his game time.

He then started as a central midfielder in the match against Aston Villa, the first game after the A-match break, giving joy to fans. 토토사이트

Bentancur wore a Tottenham shirt and started the starting line-up for the first time in a long time, but he was in charge of many space passes and balls, revitalizing Tottenham’s midfield, where offensive midfielder James Maddison was injured. His compatibility with Giovanni Rossellso was also good, so he was able to fully support the strikers.

However, Bentancur left the ground in the middle of the first half after Rossellso’s goal was scored in the 22nd minute after being hit by a murder tackle that was close to retaliation.

During the breakthrough process in the 24th minute of the first half, Matty Cash, the visiting team’s defender known for roughness, tripped over and complained of pain. The umpire issued a warning to Cash, who committed a dangerous foul.

It was not a foul that could end with just one yellow card. It was a fatal foul for Bentancur, who barely escaped from the hospital. Bentancur got some treatment and started playing again, but he lay on the ground and shook his head in the 30th minute of the first half. It was indicated that he could no longer play.

Bentancur laughed when he scored the first goal in an away match against Leicester City in February, but suddenly collapsed in the 15th minute of the second half. His knee was twisted while stepping on the foot after blocking the opponent’s attack. He couldn’t stand the pain and even screamed and cried.

Upon diagnosis, he was diagnosed with cruciate ligament injury and was put on an operating table. He tried to return before the start of this season, but the medical staff discouraged him. He meant that he could return only in November. That was correct, and Bentancur returned as a starter at the match against Aston Villa after going through the Latin American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup by his motherland Uruguay after returning as a substitute late last month. However, his return match was over.

The only hopeful news for Tottenham, which has become an injury ward, was the return to Bentancur, but it turned into despair in 30 minutes due to the opponent’s rather malicious tackle.

The Spurs Web, which delivers Tottenham news, introduced the games that Bentancur will miss in the future on the 29th.

Bentancur will miss 13 Premier League matches and two FA Cup matches from Manchester City match on the 4th of next month to Chelsea match in February. In particular, the Premier League requires rotation as it is supposed to play six games unlike other leagues in December, but it seems that coach Anji Postecoglou, who leads Tottenham after falling to Bentancur while 10 of the existing main players were injured, is not the only concern.

Cash, who injured Bentancur in such a situation, drew two purple hearts on social media after the come-from-behind victory against Tottenham, calling it a “huge victory” and calling for terrorist attacks on social media comments by Tottenham fans.

Tottenham fans summoned Romero, Tottenham’s hardtackler, following the fundamental accusations of “he is the dirtiest player I have ever seen” and “Learn the tackle properly first.” Romero was unable to play in the match against Aston Villa due to his exit against Chelsea on the 7th.

Tottenham fans promised their next match with comments such as “Romero will return in the next return match. Good luck,” “Romero will end your career at Villa Park,” and “Don’t cry in front of Romero.”

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