Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, is one step closer to hosting the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) headquarters. Recently, the Chuncheon City Council passed a motion for a transfer agreement to host the WTF headquarters after a series of twists and turns, gaining momentum. The WTF headquarters project will be built on a four-story, 3,600-square-meter site in Songam Sports Town and is planned to begin construction next year and be completed in 2026.The project cost is about 19 billion won, and securing national and provincial funding is a challenge. Earlier, the city council’s standing committee amended the motion to change the term 토토 of the agreement from 50 years to 30 years, and then adjusted the five-year automatic agreement to a renewal agreement. The decision to host the headquarters is likely to be made at a meeting during the Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Culture Festival, which begins on Sept. 18.The cultural festival is a large-scale event that includes the World Taekwondo Beach Championships, the Octagon Diamond Games, the World Taekwondo Demonstration Competition and the World Para-Taekwondo Open Challenge, all held simultaneously in the Songam Sports Town area.By hosting the WTF headquarters, Chuncheon is expected to host international-scale events such as various international competitions and conferences related to taekwondo, which will help revitalize the local economy. It is also expected to have a significant ripple effect on the local accommodation and food service industries, which have been stagnant. It is also expected to revitalize the cultural tourism industry, including the Samaksan Lake Cable Car, King Canoe, and Uiamp Lake Water Wheel, and the sports mise-en-scene industry related to taekwondo .The WTF is one of the largest international sports organizations with 212 member nations .In particular, the WTF is the negotiating body for Olympic taekwondo, which is approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and it is possible to foster and enhance the global city brand through related marketing. The bid to host the WTF headquarters is a project that Chuncheon City Mayor Yukdong Han has been working hard on .He personally met with WTF President Choi Joong-won when he visited Goseong last year and conveyed his intention to bid, and the fact that he was one step ahead of competing local governments by preempting the issue was a big boost to the bid Taekwondo is also a very important factor in Chuncheon’s efforts to create an educational city. The goal is to integrate taekwondo into children’s daily lives 스포츠토토존 and foster global talent with physical fitness .To this end, Chuncheon plans to establish taekwondo-related majors in cooperation with local universities. Currently, Chuncheon is hosting the Korea Open International Taekwondo Competition for 14 days, with more than 3,200 athletes from 60 countries participating .On the 13th, Chuncheon Mayor Yuk Dong-han said, “Hosting the WTF headquarters will be a catalyst for Chuncheon to become an international global city.” “We expect taekwondo to drive the development of the city beyond just hosting competitions,” he said.

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