Choo Shin-soo reenacting the situation with low laughter…”Isn’t it still like this?”

SSG Choo Shin-soo talked with the coaches about home sliding the previous day while training before the match between SSG-Kium of the “2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the afternoon of the 3rd.

Choo Shin-soo, who was reenacting the situation at the time, appealed to the unfair (?) part by reenacting the situation at the time.

Choo Shin-soo’s sliding scene against Kiwoom on the 2nd was as follows. In the top of the ninth inning, when SSG was trailing 5-4, Lee Jae-won’s fast infield grounder was made into Kiwoom shortstop’s error to make it 1st and 2nd bases with 1 out. The bases loaded with a hit by follow-up hitter Kim Kang-min. 바카라

Choo Shin-soo hit a timely hit in the top of the ninth inning with one out and a full base. SSG succeeded in reversing the game with a timely hit by the follow-up hitter Jihoon Choi. Choi Jung-eun, a third baseman, came home with a sacrifice fly to right field, and second baseman Choo Shin-soo also advanced to third base.

SSG, who is two points ahead, attempted a double steal during the at-bat with two outs and runners on first and third bases to score more points. First baseman Jihoon Choi ran to second base, and the catcher threw to second base. Third baseman Choo Shin-soo also rushed home quickly as the ball headed to shortstop.

However, the shortstop quickly threw to catcher Lee Ji-young, and Choo Shin-soo took his hand away from Lee Ji-young’s tag, but was tagged out because he failed to tag the home play first.

SSG manager Kim Won-hyung requested a video review, but the decision was not reversed. As such, SSG could no longer score additional points, and kept the score and came from behind to win 7-5.

SSG remained in first place with 64 wins, 28 losses, and 3 draws, while Kiwoom remained in second place with 57 wins, 35 losses and 2 draws.

Choi Jeong led the team to victory with one hit in four at-bats, one home run, and one run scored. SSG starter Sean Morimando recorded six hits, three runs (three earned runs), six strikeouts and four walks in five innings.

After the game, head coach Kim Won-hyung said, “The process of losing points today was not good. However, he said, “The players took advantage of the opportunity until the end and were able to turn the game around in the ninth inning,” adding, “From (Kim) Kang-min, (Choo) Shin-soo, (Choi) Ji-hoon’s consecutive hits, and (Choi) Jung’s sacrifice fly, (Seo) Jin-yong was able to finish it comfortably.”

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