The romance film “Past Lives” earned two nominations at the 96th Academy Awards. Courtesy of CJ ENM

Korean Canadian director Celine Song’s debut film “Past Lives” has been generating worldwide buzz, having earned approximately 66 accolades at various international film festivals since its premiere at last year’s Sundance Film Festival. The romance film revolves around a concept called “inyeon,” a Korean word with a complex meaning that touches on fate, destiny, and the connections between people, told through the story of two childhood friends Nora (Greta Lee) and Hae-sung (Yoo Teo).Despite growing apart after Nora’s family moved from sportstotozonecom Korea to the United States, their reunion years later in New York ignites a fateful week of introspection on destiny, love and the life choices that define us.Earning over 190 nominations globally, the film has achieved two notable Academy Award nominations for Original Screenplay and Best Picture. Winners are slated to be announced next month.“I am grateful to the Academy, which has shown interest in my work since last year. It’s an unbelievable honor for me,” Song said during an interview with The Korea Times via Zoom, Tuesday.

“Releasing this film in different countries around the world, I’ve come across people saying ‘inyeon’ in different accents. And seeing them accepting such an unfamiliar word and feeling its essence has made me happy.”The director, who moved to Canada at the age of 12, shared that the story drew inspiration from her personal experience of having a drink at a bar with her childhood friend from Korea and her husband.“As I sat in the middle, interpreting for these two people, I felt as if I was interpreting my own history, like I was sitting along my past, present and future. And when I shared these special emotions with my friends, they all had similar experiences. So, I started writing the script with this scene in mind,” she said.“Everyone goes through experiences leaving the place they used to live, though not necessarily mean immigrating. I believe as time passes, the life you left behind leads to inyeon and creates special moments within your ordinary life. So I wanted to make a movie about it.”

She noted that although inyeon might be culturally specific to Koreans, its concept resonates with global audiences, transcending cultural boundaries. The film’s exploration of life’s relationships and pivotal moments carries a message with universal appeal.“I’ve learned the word inyeon and its meaning through countless conversations with my parents. And (knowing that) itself gave depth to my life,” she said, explaining how it enhanced her understanding of life’s interconnectedness.“Even though people around the world have not known the word inyeon, learning it through this film gave a sense of depth within their own lives. I think people love this movie because it helps them realize these special relationships and moments that make them love their 스포츠토토존 lives.””Past Lives” is set to hit local theaters on March 6.


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