Canulli is experiencing tough luck leaving the WSOP main event finals table early

The front row seats suddenly became empty. The beer line disappeared. The energy inside the Penn & Teller Theater evaporated. And it took only 11 minutes.

On the second day of Nov. 9, 2015, Tom Canuli, a popular 23-year-old professional from New Jersey who brought the loudest rails to the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino, was unwittingly kicked off the table for the finals of the World Series Poker Main Event when his ace cracked by a teenager in Max Steinberg’s pocket.

As Canuli left the set and walked out of the building, so did his massive vocal following. Although he entered the set for a short time Monday night, the more than 100 Canuli family members and friends who flew from the Garden State to Las Vegas were openly optimistic before the cards aired.

“Tommy Guns” was unarmed for most of Sunday night, with him dead. But he survived until the second day, and that was all his supporters needed. Many of them doubled down on adult drinks.

“Let’s see if he buys some cards and doubles them up early, then the rest of the table is in trouble.” Such was the sentiment of those wearing black T-shirts with “Holy Canuli” plastered on the back in fluorescent green letters. 바카라

Canuli supporters got their wish even before they completed their first silver bullet. Canuli supporters overturned Steinberg’s prettiest first hand in poker and overwhelmed him. It was the moment Canuli supporters waited for two days, and they stood up instantly.

The adrenaline rush didn’t last long. Steinberg turned the tables, bumping the set into the flop. Canuli, who was holding hands with rail birds, buried his chin in his chest when the flop hit the felt. His fans gasped collectively. So, it ended.

After standing under bright ESPN lights and interviewing Kara Scott, Canuli slowly walked to the back hallway of the theater to meet more reporters. But what was scheduled for a press conference turned into something more like a political rally, playing the role of Donald Trump.

As he stepped onto the podium, Canuli’s followers flocked and started chanting loud “Tommy! Tommy! Tommy!” Canuli turned with a smile and looked nothing like the man who was punched in the intestine on the biggest stage of poker.

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