Beta Games Deepens Betano Partnership With Crash Game Launch

BetGames, a leading gaming company, has created a customized version of Skyward, its upcoming debut crash game, with the Betano brand for the Brazilian market.

A customized version of Bet Games’ Skyward includes features adapted for players in Brazil. Along with localized animation to meet the needs of players, the project demonstrates the partnership’s commitment to delivering the most immersive gameplay experience possible.

Skyward is a high-energy crash game that engages players in fascinating plane-based adventures, boasting a visually recognizable design against an aerial background that features a variety of fascinating animations that enhance player enjoyment.

This new collaboration enriches Betano’s proposals in emerging Brazilian markets. By enhancing preferences-fighting games with limited internet connectivity and low data consumption, it has addressed potential infrastructure challenges with latency and stability.

The gameplay is simple, but with an attractive format, it appeals to gamblers at all levels. Courage is still the goal of all prospective fliers, and the longer the player cares, the more and more favorable the reward, with a maximum possible multiplier 100,000 times.

BetGames’ latest title, the brand version of BetGames, is another addition to a series of projects that Betano’s parent company, Kaizen Gaming, has given to providers, leveraging its reputation for producing customized content for operators.

Ian Catchick, CPO of BetGames, said, “We are excited to bring Skyward to Betano so that players can experience a dedicated and localized version of the debut crash game that has already received a positive international response. 바카라

“With a crash game concept featuring a very popular high frequency aircraft, Skyward brings a new level of excitement and engagement to our existing broad portfolio of games and opens the door to potential future partnerships in the marketplace.”

Christos Mavridis, director of Live Casino at Kaizen Gaming, said, “Betano looks forward to continuing to grow all areas of its operations in a competitive and rewarding environment. Adding a localized version of Skyward to our game catalog in an easy-to-follow format is another step towards our ultimate goal – providing the most unforgettable sports betting and gaming experience for our customers. We are looking forward to seeing the aerial action unfolding in our branded games.”

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