Azar’s retirement born in 1991-Day Mitoma rest…How is Son Heungmin who was born in 1992

The South Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, has been preparing for an A match in October at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) since the 9th. South Korea will face Tunisia on the 13th and Vietnam on the 17th.

Ahead of the call-up, it was the management of the team. In particular, key players Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae (27, Bayern Munich), and Hwang Hee-chan (27, Wolverhampton Wanderers) were also concerned about their strong performance at the beginning of the season.

First, Son Heung-min suffered from a hernia last season, as is well known. After the season, he underwent surgery. Recently, due to groin injury, his team has also been controlling the amount of training and playing time. Hwang Hee-chan, who was hampered by injuries every time he was on the rise, also showed a dizzying performance in the last game. He scored goals in three consecutive games, but was replaced at the end as he felt something wrong with his body.

Since last season, when he was a member of Napoli, Kim Min-jae has been involved in a forced process between his team and the national team. He has received basic military training ahead of this season and is playing most of the games in Munich. This is why some point out that his physical condition seems a little lower than when he was in his best condition.

In addition, the fatigue of the team is rising to the fullest due to overseas players flying long distances, some players who have just finished the Asian Games, and the K-League schedule entering the end. Some say that the A match, which will be held as a warm-up match, is the right time to take a breath for a while as the World Cup Asian qualifiers begin next month.

Klinsmann stuck to a clear intention on how to use the team. “I think overseas players will want to play 90 minutes in each game just with the expectation of playing in front of the people,” he said at a press conference on the 9th. “Of course, I will prepare by reducing the amount of training because I am tired.”

“This is the last warm-up match and the World Cup qualifying matches will begin next month,” he said. “No player wants to rest when he sees the players’ eyes during the call-up. I want to wear the national team uniform and play more,” he said. “It’s not a place that anyone can enjoy as the best honor I could enjoy even when I was a player,” he said emphatically.

Of course, everyone knows that it is the last warm-up match before entering the actual World Cup qualifying round. He won his first win in six games since taking office, but his poor performance with one win, three draws and two losses will also be burdensome. There are also four games at home, but there is still no victory. 카지노사이트 순위

However, there is definitely some regret. If it is the last warm-up match that head coach Klinsmann says, it is also an opportunity to test Plan B in case there is a gap between key players such as Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae. Of course, even Plan A is not clear, so it may be greed to look at alternatives. It is also necessary to rethink what Korea, ranked 26th in the FIFA rankings, can gain by playing the best against Vietnam, ranked 95th. If we cannot overcome Vietnam without Son Heung-min, that is also a big problem.

Japan excluded Kaoru Mitoma (26, Brighton), who is playing in the English Premier League (EPL), ahead of this A match. It’s not an injury, but I gave him a break because he wasn’t in good condition. The decision was made after seeing actual matches such as World Cup qualifiers and Asian Cup.

Eden Hazard (32), who is one year older than Son Heung-min, recently announced his retirement. Azar dominated the EPL stage in seven seasons with Chelsea since 2012, scoring 110 goals and 92 assists in 352 games. However, after moving to Real Madrid in 2019, he fell amid frequent injuries and sluggishness, and eventually chose to retire. You don’t have to look at overseas cases. Park Ji-sung (42), technical director of Jeonbuk Hyundai, also exited the national team at the age of 30 due to knee problems.

I’m not asking you to give him a break in both games. He wants flexible management of the team. Manager Klinsmann said, “Just as Tottenham hopes for Son Heung-min’s healthy return, I hope Son Heung-min will join the national team in good health.” “I’ll talk to the players and control them,” he said, but added, “My role is to be able to put everything into it on game day. I will not rotate or take it out,” he stressed again.

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