Australia’s largest poker machine operator accused by Victorian regulators of failing to use mandatory pre-promise technology

The technology, called YourPlay, gives gamblers the possibility to set their own time and spending limits to control their play.

Each Victorian electronic game console should be equipped with an interactive YourPlay display that gives gamblers the option to set time and money limits and oversee game console play.

While using YourPlay is optional for gamblers, operators are obliged to enable and operate YourPlay on each game console.

The Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group reportedly handed over 220 illegal game consoles each from 62 of 77 facilities. 파칭코

The company is estimated to have used 220 illegal game consoles for at least five weeks without using your play technology.

Now, under the 2003 Gambling Regulation Act, Australia’s largest poker machine operator and the company’s chief executive will be held responsible for failing to provide mandatory player equipment to players.

Annete Kimmit AM, chief executive of the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Board (VGCCC), said: “We have decided to prosecute the Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group.”

“In Victoria, we inform you that anyone with a gambling licence must at least comply with their legal obligations to protect their sponsors from gambling harm. Making YourPlay available and installed on your electronic game console is an essential requirement to support safer gambling.”

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