The Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) announced on Monday that 22 foreign players, the most ever, will participate in the 2024 Regular Tour Seeding Rankings .The 2024 Regular Tour Seeding Ranking will be held from July 7-10 at Muan Country Club in Jeollanam-do, South Korea, where 100 players will be selected from three groups to compete in the main event on July 14-17.Of the 22 foreign players, eight went straight to the main event, while 14 players qualified. By nationality, Thailand and Japan have the most players with six each, followed by the United States, Australia, China, and Taiwan with two each The KLPGA analyzed that the number of foreign players competing in the regular tour seedings has increased due to the growing benefits of the International Qualifying Tournament (IQT), a tournament for foreigners only.

Starting this year, the KLPGA will give the winner of the IQT the right to qualify for the regular tour, and the eighth-place finisher will receive a direct ticket to the regular tour seeding, instead of the third-place finisher .Since last year, it has also lowered the barrier to entry into the domestic tour, allowing foreign players to compete under the same conditions as domestic players. The KLPGA said, “We plan to make various attempts to promote foreign players who are knocking on the door of the domestic tour, such as creating opportunities for 무료슬롯게임 them to play on the global tour.”

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