A 23-year-old Sancho is only 75 billion won?

Chris Wheeler, a British Daily Mail reporter, introduced the transfer fee set by Manchester United for the sale of Sancho and Maguire while changing the news of Manchester United. This means that players who once represented Manchester United, such as Jayden Sancho and Harry Maguire, may have been put on the market too cheaply. The transfer fee paid by Menyu to them is not small, but many fans say that Chelsea, which fell sharply to 12th place in the 2022/23 season, is insufficient compared to the ransom of players who started selling to reform the club. 스포츠토토탑

Wheeler said, “Manchester United will listen to Sancho when it has an offer of about 45 million pounds (75 billion won), and Maguire will consider it when it has an offer of about 40 million pounds (W66.7 billion).” Wheeler claims midfielder Scott McTominay is also considering £40 million as an appropriate transfer fee. The three are also considered key players in Manchester United’s power reorganization to perform well in various tournaments, including the UEFA Champions League finals in the 2023/24 season. This means that they have to leave the team for an appropriate transfer fee so that they can be replaced with the players Eric Turnhach wants as they are promising with this money.

Sancho, who moved from Dortmund, Germany to Manchester United in 2021 and played 79 games in various tournaments, was criticized for not being strong for a winger, with only 12 goals, and finally came to the transfer market. As he is still born in 2000, he is said to be old enough to make a comeback elsewhere, but the reality is that no club that wants him in detail has yet been revealed. Center back Maguire is already a famous sales resource for domestic fans. He captained Manchester United in the 2022/23 season, but was pushed back by Rafael Varane, Lysandro Martinez and Victor Lindelof, as well as coach Turnhach lowered his trust in Maguire enough to move left-back Luke Shaw to the center when Varane and Martinez were absent together.

As Maguire is a left-footed player, rumors of a transfer to Tottenham without a left-back 3 defender have continued, but no news has been heard from London yet. Scottish coach McTominay also said he would sell. It seems that he intends to secure a new midfielder by adding funds to the club’s money after sending him to another team. If all three players are sold, Manchester United will have more than 200 billion won. However, many fans are angry after hearing the transfer fee for Sancho, Maguire and McTominay. According to the Daily Mail, a Manchester United fan said, “Chelsea is trying to sell Mason Mount for £60 million, but why is Sancho £45 million?” adding, “My grandmother will negotiate better than Manchester United.”

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