5 teams without LG, KT NC half-game car, KIA SSG Doosan zero ride…Growing Rain and AG Variables

It is ranked first, second, and fourth in the regular season.

For the regular-season winners who go straight to the Korean Series, the second-place team that goes straight to the playoffs, and the fourth-place team that has an advantage in wild cards, one space below could be a disaster.

Regular season championship fight. LG Twins trend prevails this season.

In the Jamsil game, which was the only game held due to the autumn rainy season that soaked the southern part of the country on the 16th, LG beat SSG 10-4 with leadoff Hong Chang-ki and bullpen performance to secure the top spot. 스포츠토토

He is six games behind the second-place KT Wiz with 20 games left. It is not an easy distance to narrow.

The regular-season championship battle is virtually over.

However, the remaining five teams do not seem to be easy to organize. On a large scale, there is a fight left between second and fourth place.

KT and NC Dinos are fighting for second place by half a game.

KT has 20 games left and NC has 24 games left. The two teams have completed all 16 confrontations this season.

For KT, nine consecutive games made by Rain are the key. It could be time to gauge the final report card this season.

Starting with Hanwha and Daejeon doubleheaders on the 17th, they will play three consecutive games until the 18th, Monday, and then move to Suwon from the 19th to meet Samsung, LG, and Lotte for three days. It will play three consecutive weekend games against KIA in Gwangju from the 22nd. Seven consecutive games, including a double header in the first week of October, are also at a critical juncture.

NC has four games left than KT, but the schedule is not the worst right away.

With no games on the 17th and 18th, it is regrettable that the rain cancellation against Samsung in Changwon on the 16th, when ace Eric Pedi was scheduled to play.

Despite the disadvantage of using Changwon as a home, the movement path is not too bad.

From Tuesday, the 19th, Doosan (2 consecutive games) will play four games against Kiwoom LG in Seoul and then move to Changwon to play two consecutive games against Doosan.

After a day off, KIA will play four consecutive games, including a double header, in Changwon from the 26th.

From the 30th to October 5th, it will be four consecutive games in Changwon after a day off after six consecutive away games between Daegu Daejeon (2 consecutive games) and Incheon (3 consecutive games). However, it can be twisted if the remaining games are organized or canceled due to rain.

KIA is tired with the most 27 games left.

After playing eight consecutive games from the 17th, he has to spend a week in seven consecutive games, including a double header, from the 26th. In early October, he will play five consecutive games in the Seoul metropolitan area against KT (4 consecutive games) and then move to Gwangju to play three consecutive home games.

With 23 games left, SSG will play six consecutive games between Daejeon → Daegu → Incheon from the 19th after a double header with LG on the 17th.

From the 26th, it will play four consecutive games including a double header. After staying at home in October, the last three away games in Changwon and Gwangju are expected to become important.

Doosan, which has 24 games left, has eight consecutive games to start on the 17th. There are many difficulties because the game is held while moving to Gwangju → Jamsil → Daegu → Changwon. The key is whether it can continue its recent upward trend.

Amid the tight schedule, the fall rain, which will fall in the future, the schedule for future arrangement, and the variables of the Asian Games are expected to combine to determine the second and fourth-place teams.

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