Ex-PPP interim leader leads public polls for party leadership

From left, former PPP interim leader Han Dong-hoon, former Land Minister Won Hee-ryong, Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun and Rep. Na Kyung-won pose at a party event held at Daegu Exhibition and Convention Center in Daegu, North Gyeongsang Province, Friday.

Han Dong-hoon, the former interim leader of the ruling People Power Party (PPP), is currently leading public opinion polls for the party’s leadership role, even as he faces allegations of having ignored Telegram messages from first lady Kim Keon Hee earlier this year.

Along with Han, five-term lawmaker Rep. Na Kyung-won, former Land Minister Won Hee-ryong and five-term lawmaker Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun are vying for the PPP chairmanship, which will be decided at a national convention on July 23.

Gallup Korea surveyed 1,000 Korean adults from July 9 to 11 to gauge the popularity of candidates for the PPP’s new chairperson, and 36 percent of the respondents picked Han as most preferred party leader, followed by Na at 17 percent, Won at 10 percent and Yoon at 7 percent. Over half of the PPP supporters said they plan to vote for Han as the next party chairman.

The allegations regarding the first lady’s text messages have emerged as the latest hot-button issue for PPP leadership contenders, who are intensifying their attacks on Han as his popularity continues to rise.

Kim reportedly sent several messages to Han in January, offering to make a public apology for accepting a luxury handbag in 2022, which was causing problems for the PPP ahead of the April 10 general elections. Han’s failure to respond to her messages is now criticized as a missed opportunity that could have potentially altered the election outcome.

Won, Na and Yoon have escalated their criticism against Han, claiming that his failure to address the first lady’s apology offer was a serious mistake 추천 that contributed to the PPP’s overwhelming defeat in the April 10 parliamentary elections. The party now holds 108 of the 300 seats in the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, the PPP’s election management committee issued warnings to Won and Han, saying both candidates should refrain from making ferocious attacks.

The PPP hopefuls are scheduled to hold four more TV debates before the July 23 national convention.

iPhone users in Europe to access Samsung Wallet as Apple lets rivals use tap-and-go payments

Margrethe Vestager, executive vice-president of the European Commission in charge of the initiative 'A Europe Fit For the Digital Age' and Commissioner for Competition, attends a press conference on the Apple Pay antitrust competition case at the EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium, Thursday. EPA-Yonhap

Apple has decided to open its tap-and-go mobile payments system to rivals in Europe, which will give iPhone users more choices beyond Apple Pay, such as Samsung Wallet and Google Pay, according to EU antitrust regulator, Thursday (local time).

The European Commission said that it accepted Apple’s offer to open its tap-and-go technology, called near-field communication, or NFC, to 토토 rivals to end its antitrust investigation against Apple. The probe began in 2020 and could have resulted in a heavy fine.

NFC allows users to use contactless payments with mobile wallets.

The commission said the offer made by the U.S. tech giant would be valid for 10 years.

“From now on, Apple can no longer use its control over the iPhone ecosystem to keep other mobile wallets out of the market,” EU antitrust body chief Margrethe Vestager said.

Security derivatives issuance down in Q1 due to HK-tied ELS redemption fiasco

Members of civic groups  hold a press conference over the troubled sale of Hong Kong equity-linked securities in front of the Financial Supervisory Service headquarters in Seoul, May 21. Yonhap

The issuance of security derivatives in the first three months of this year stood at 13 trillion ($9.4 billion), down 1.9 trillion won from a year ago, according to government data, Friday. The financial products include equity-linked securities (ELS) and derivative linked-securities (DLS).

The average loss rate for ELS investors during the same period was -8.7%, a significant decrease of 15.9 percentage points compared to the previous year. Profits of brokerages from the issuance and operation of derivative securities plummeted to 46.5 billion won, a dramatic drop from 541.6 billion won the year before.

The poor sector-wide performance was driven by troubled ELS derivatives linked to the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI). This high-risk, high-volatility index includes stakes in 50 Chinese firms traded outside mainland China.

The country’s five commercial lenders — KB Kookmin, Shinhan, Hana, Woori and NH NongHyup — and six brokerages face a redemption of a combined 15 trillion won this year. Over half, or 9 trillion won, was due before July.

According to Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) data, ELS issuance stood at 8 trillion won, down 1.7 trillion won year-on-year and 23 trillion won quarter-on-quarter.

The total value of ELS products without principal protection fell sharply to 4.1 trillion won in the first quarter, a significant drop from 7.5 trillion won in the fourth quarter of the previous year.

A total of 14.4 trillion won of ELS was redeemed in the first three months, up 2.2 trillion won from the previous year.

By the end of March, about 3.8 trillion won of HK-tied ELS products were at risk of losses after the HSCEI index fell to around 5,000 points, entering 추천 a “knock-in” phase. It refers to a type of barrier option where the down-and-in and up-and-in options are activated only when the underlying asset’s price crosses predefined barrier levels.

Local investors incurred losses from the up-and-in variance because the price of the index did not hit the minimum agreed-upon barrier.

The 5,000-point level is less than half of the HSCEI’s previous peak of over 12,200 in the first half of 2021. Most of the ELS products with a three-year maturity have reported losses exceeding 50 percent since late last year.

DLS issuance in the first three months stood at 5 trillion won, down 200 billion won from a year ago.

The balance of DLS issuance totaled 28.9 trillion won, a year-on-year decline of 2.4 trillion won.

The FSS plans to strengthen monitoring of investor losses from the derivatives.

Meanwhile, the questionable product sales practice is expected to result in stern penalties on financial CEOs

38-year-old Darvish, this time, “delayed his return from injury” due to elbow problems

Darvish Yu (38, San Diego Padres), who was listed as injured earlier this month, is expected to be delayed in his return. This time, his elbow appears to be in trouble.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, a local media outlet in San Diego, reported on the news of Darvish’s delayed return on the 25th (Korean time).

According to the report, Darvish will not play in a home game against the Washington Nationals on Wednesday. He said it will take more time for him to return to the national team due to additional injury.

Earlier, Darvish was listed as injured on the 15th due to a sprained left groin muscle on the 2nd. Since then, Darvish has recently played a minor league rehabilitation game, but the results have not been good.

Darvish bowed his head to seven hits and six runs in 31/3 innings at the Single-A game. Despite this, Darvish decided to return to the mound on Wednesday, but the decision was postponed in the end.

San Diego Padres coach Mike Shildt said Darvish has inflammation in his right elbow. He added that he is not in serious condition. 안전토토사이트

Darvish, who is in his 12th year in the Major League, pitched 56 1/3 innings in 11 games this season before the injury, going 4-3 with a 3.20 ERA.

He maintained his excellent performance with an ERA of 2.08 until May 20, but was sluggish with 7 runs in 52/3 innings and 2 earned runs in 3 innings, respectively, in the two games just before his injury.

San Diego’s contract with Darvish runs through the 2028 season. Through the 42-year-old season, the San Diego Padres awarded 37-year-old Darvish six years to 108 million dollars last year.

“Is this S?” Unfair decision Kim Ha-sung pierced ‘left-handed pitcher’s weakness’ with a surprise bunt… The team won the overtime

It was a very difficult day for Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres. He shook his head due to a series of unfair strike calls. However, he overcame his weaknesses in left-handed pitchers, which have been considered weaknesses this season, through a surprise bunt that caught him off guard.

Kim Ha-sung started as the seventh batter shortstop in the 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) home game against the Washington Nationals at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) and recorded 1 hit, 1 walk, 1 RBI and 1 run in 3 at-bats.

After four consecutive hits, Kim raised his batting average for this season from 0.220 to 0.221, while his on-base percentage dropped slightly from 0.330 to 0.332, and his slugging percentage decreased from 0.388 to 0.387. His on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) was 0.719.

Kim Ha-sung, who entered the batter’s box for the first time in the bottom of the second inning with one out and runners on the first and third bases, showed his talent against left-hander Patrick Corbin. He bunted on Corbin’s 92.5-mile-per-hour (148.9km) sinker, and the ball became an exquisite ball flowing along the third base line. 토토사이트 순위

After waiting for a while, he caught the ball, fearing that it would deviate from the line, but it was too late to throw the ball. Third baseman Jake Cronenworth homered, Donovan Solano settled for second, and Kim Ha-sung at first. It was the moment when he had a hit in four consecutive games and posted his 37th RBI. He closely followed Manny Machado (38), who is the third in RBIs in his team. Kim Ha-sung, who has shown weakness in dealing with right-handed pitchers (0.234) with a batting average of 0.195 against left-handed pitchers this season, has penetrated this with his sense.

Later, Kyle Higashioka’s double that separated the right-center field crossed the second and third bases with fast feet, and made it home right behind Solano. He scored his 41st point this season, ranking third in his team.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, he felt despondent with two outs and no runners. With a ball count of 2-2, he swung and missed on a slider headed below the five-ball zone. It was unfair for Kim Ha-sung. The two- and three-pitch sinker, who completely escaped to the MLB Game Day, received a strike call, and Kim Ha-sung, who has excellent pioneering skills, had to swing his bat on a slider that came higher than the second.

Kim Ha-sung, who met Corbyn again in the bottom of the seventh inning with two outs and no runners, had no choice but to swing his bat at the sinker of the same course at the ball count 2-1, when the sinker, who was completely out of the ball this time, was ruled a strike. Eventually, he turned to a ground ball to the second base. Whenever a disappointing decision came out, Kim Ha-sung grimaced and could not hide his disappointment. It was a more bitter situation as the zone widened when only Kim Ha-sung appeared.

San Diego, which started with an early lead, was chased by C.J. Abrams and Joey Menes with back-to-back doubles in the third inning, a ball hit by Jacob Young’s body, Abrams’ infield hit in the fifth inning, and Menes’ RBI timely hit. Adrian Morehorn, a pitcher who changed in the top of the seventh inning with a 3-2 lead, got hits by Abrams and Jesse Winker and gave up a timely hit to Menes, making the game a 3-3 start.

The two teams continued to extend the game until the ninth inning. At the top of the 10th inning, San Diego’s Enjel de Los Santos gave a three-run man, Menes, a swinging strikeout and Harold Ramirez a groundout to the third baseman, but allowed a 3-4 come-from-behind victory after being hit by a double by Kiebert Lewis.

This was not the end of the game. Nick Senzel hit a two-run homer over the left fence after a 10-pitch game. San Diego did not back down at the bottom of the 10th inning. Solano hit a double to hit the batter’s box against Hunter Harvey, and Jackson Merrill brought in two runners on the second and third bases with no outs.

With no outs and no outs on the first base, Kim Ha-sung stood at the plate again. He swung and missed on a fastball of 97.4 miles (156.7 kilometers) per hour on the second pitch, but calmly picked out the ball that was going out of the 1, 3, and 4 pitches. Washington catcher Lewis took the mound with the ball count 3-1, but he missed five pitches, resulting in a walk.

San Diego sent out pinch-hitter Tyler Wade as a pinch-hitter. Wade’s bunt hit completely fell and sent the runner to the second and third bases. At-bat, pinch-hitter David Peralta appeared again. At-bat, pinch-hitter David Peralta appeared again. Senzel perfectly caught the foul ball heading toward the stands, and Luis Arraez headed to first base with four pitches automatically.

San Diego’s best hitter this season, Jurickson Profar. After going 0-for-4 on the day, Profar won a thrilling victory with a two-run double from the ball count 2-2. San Diego posted 42 wins and 41 losses to maintain its second place in the NL West. In the NL wild card competition, the team ranked third, the Maginot line in the fall baseball league.

Indigenous American art, culture take limelight in Korea

A total of 151 Indigenous American craftworks, photographs and paintings, all hailing from the Denver Art Museum's  collection, have been brought to the National Museum of Korea in central Seoul as part of its latest exhibition — titled 'Stories of the People Whom We Once Called Indians' in Korean and 'Cultures and Histories of Indigenous Peoples in North America' in English. Yonhap

The National Museum of Korea in central Seoul has chosen a strikingly forthright Korean title for its latest exhibition: “Stories of the People Whom We Once Called Indians.”

Co-organized with the Denver Art Museum (DAM) in Colorado, the show adopts a much-needed revisionary lens toward the Indigenous peoples of North America as the first event of its kind staged in the country.

Visitors are offered a glimpse into the living cultures of 43 Indigenous American tribes — out of over 570 federally recognized in the continental United States alone — through works that go well beyond the popular imagery of feathered headdresses, tipis and grossly misrepresented fragments of history.

All 151 craftworks, photographs and paintings on display hail from the DAM’s encyclopedic collection. As one of the first art institutions in the 커뮤니티 U.S. to start collecting Indigenous art of the region a century ago, the museum today houses more than 18,000 objects embodying creative traditions from ancestral times to the present.

“Our museum has collected works to show the living, breathing cultures of Native people at every moment in time. I think that’s one thing that makes a difference between the works of the Denver Art Museum and perhaps the anthropological collections,” noted its assistant curator Dakota Hoska, who is a citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

The exhibition’s first section paints a broad picture of centuries-old Indigenous tribes’ crafts and customs, highlighting their deep communion with the all-giving nature — be it the open grasslands of the Great Plains or the icy Arctic.

Among the intricate everyday handiworks are a cradleboard, or a portable baby-carrier that can be attached to horseback (Kiowa); an antler-made flesher used to prepare buffalo hides (Cheyenne); an eye-dazzling wool blanket (Navajo); a ceremonial parka made from walrus intestine and crested auklet feathers (Inupiaq), a box crafted from porcupine quills (Mi’kmaq); and an eagle-feathered headdress 

Driver behind deadly car crash in downtown Seoul claims brakes didn’t work

Seoul Namdaemun Police Station chief Ryu Jae-hyeok speaks during a press briefing regarding the deadly car crash that occurred in downtown Seoul last week, July 9. Yonhap

The driver of a car that barreled into pedestrians and killed nine in central Seoul last week has claimed that the brakes of his car did not work at the time of the accident, officials said Tuesday.

The 68-year-old, identified only by his family name Cha, said in a police questioning last week that he had hit the brakes when he felt 커뮤니티 the car malfunction, but they were “stiff” and did not function, the Seoul Namdaemun Police Station chief Ryu Jae-hyeok said.

The sedan darted in the wrong direction for some 200 meters on a one-way road near Seoul City Hall before crashing into sidewalk guardrails, hitting pedestrians and ramming into two other cars on July 1.

The crash left nine people dead, most of them office workers nearby, and seven others injured, while the driver has also been admitted to a hospital for broken ribs.

During the questioning, Cha claimed the accident was caused by sudden unintended acceleration, and he still claims the accident was caused by defects in the car, according to police.

He also said he entered the road without knowing it was a one-way street, and it was his first time driving down the particular road.

The police are investigating the case without ruling out the possibility that the driver knew he had been driving in the opposite direction and caused the accident while trying to quickly bail out from the one-way road.

“We expect (the driver) to acknowledge he was driving in the wrong direction when he entered the one-way road coming out from the hotel parking lot, but more investigation is needed,” Ryu said, adding no honking sound was found in the black box recording.

Police plan to question Cha for the second time on Wednesday, and review whether they should seek a search and seizure warrant or an arrest warrant against him

Upbit coin exchange promotes education for investor protection

A man passes by the head office of Upbit in southern Seoul in this undated file photo. Yonhap

With Korea’s first law on virtual asset user protection set to take effect on July 19, cryptocurrency exchanges appear to be focusing on creating a what Upbit calls a “healthy investment environment.”

Upbit, the country’s largest coin exchange, is attracting attention as it has been proactively engaged in investor education for investor protection.

“We believe that investor education should accompany the establishment of technical systems to foster a healthy investment environment. That’s why Upbit has positioned itself as a bridge connecting participants and investors in the virtual asset market,” an Upbit spokesperson said.

Upbit thus launched the Upbit Investor Protection Center in December 2021. It has been offering diverse virtual asset information for investors since its establishment.

As the virtual asset market lacks a separate disclosure system, which the stock market has, it is relatively difficult for investors to obtain reliable information. Upbit thus has been leading efforts to resolve information asymmetry issues there, even before the adoption of the investor protection-related laws.

The Upbit Investor Protection Center offers various educational resources for investors, ranging from basic knowledge essential for virtual asset investment to laws, regulations and measures to prevent financial damages from failed investments.

One of the center’s key services is offering Korean translations of virtual asset whitepapers. While it is essential for investors to understand the assets they are investing in accurately, Korean investors often face difficulties as most virtual asset whitepapers are in English. The Upbit Investor Protection Center has been offering Korean versions of whitepapers that detail the operational methods, structure, vision and plans of virtual assets supported by Upbit.

The center also provides “Caddy Report,” which enables users to learn about critical virtual asset-related issues in five minutes every day.

One of the latest versions of the report introduced the direction of the virtual asset industry after the U.S. presidential election scheduled on Nov. 5. While the current Biden administration is continuing strong virtual asset regulations, former 커뮤니티 President and Republican nominee Donald Trump has been drawing investors’ attention by suggesting eased policy on virtual assets. The Caddy Report noted that the U.S. presidential election will be a key event determining where the virtual asset industry will go since the two candidates are taking opposite positions.

It also provided summaries of the virtual asset user protection act last year. The law, which will take effect from July 19, was condensed and organized into 16 pages so that investors can easily understand it at a glance.

As virtual assets are traded internationally, it is crucial for investors to have knowledge of international laws and regulations. The center thus has been offering information on regulations around the world.

First century-spanning anthology of modern Korean women’s literature hits shelves

The seven-volume 'Anthology of Korean Literature by Women Writers' is the first encyclopedic publication chronicling the century-spanning lineage of modern and contemporary women’s writing in Korea. Courtesy of Minumsa Publishing Group

“Anthology of Korean Literature by Women Writers,” the first encyclopedic publication chronicling the century-spanning lineage of modern and contemporary women’s writing in the country, has hit the shelves this week.

Compiled by the Research Group of Korean Women’s Literary History with a goal to reconstruct the historical canon of women’s writing from a female perspective, the seven-volume collection brings to light the fragmented literary achievements of female writers — from Korea’s first known feminist author Rha Hye-seok (1896-1948) to the International Booker Prize-winning Han Kang.

“Within the established male-centric literary history in Korea, the existence of women writers and their work has long been entirely 커뮤니티 neglected, marginalized or treated as secondary in value,” said Kim Yang-sun, professor of writing at Hallym University and a member of the research group, at a press conference in Seoul, Tuesday.

“For instance, it wasn’t until the late 1990s, when a wave of feminist criticism began to emerge in the country, that visionary authors from the ‘20s like Rha and Kim Myeong-sun came into the limelight.”

The anthologies of women’s literature that did manage to get published against this backdrop were largely limited to specific time periods, such as the Japanese colonial era (1910-45) or the postwar ’60s, and with an exclusive focus on narrative genres.

“We believed it was necessary to properly trace and archive the overlooked history of women’s literature spanning diverse eras and genres that have escaped dominant modern literary discourse,” she added, likening the project to the Korean counterpart of “The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women.”

The result is an extensive collection encompassing not only novels, prose, poems and play scripts, but also declarations, letters, diary entries and work memoirs from the late 19th century to the 1990s.

First lady designated as witness for Assembly hearing on impeachment petition against Yoon

Rep. Jung Chung-rae of Democratic Party of Korea, chair of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee, leaves after chairing a committee session on holding a hearing on a petition demanding the impeachment of President Yoon Suk Yeol at the National Assembly, Tuesday. Yonhap

First lady Kim Keon Hee was designated as a witness, Tuesday, for a public hearing on a petition demanding the impeachment of President Yoon Suk Yeol.

The National Assembly’s Legislation and Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jung Chung-rae of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), convened a full meeting and decided to hold a hearing on the petition, which called on the Assembly to table an impeachment motion for Yoon. Lawmakers of the ruling People Power Party (PPP) boycotted the session.

The committee decided to hold a hearing related to the petition, request submission of related documents and call for the attendance of witnesses, including first lady Kim Keon Hee and former Marine division chief Lim Seong-geun.

Kim faces allegations that she illegally accepted a luxury handbag from a Korean American pastor in 2022 and was involved in stock manipulation of Deutsch Motors, a BMW car dealer in Korea, between 2009 and 2012. Lim is at the center of 커뮤니티 allegations of interference by the presidential office in the military’s probe into a Marine’s death, which occurred during a search and rescue operation in a flooded area in July 2023.

The committee will hold two separate hearings — one on July 19 focusing on allegations of exerting external pressure on the military investigation into the Marine’s death and the other on July 26 on the accusations against the first lady.

The petition calls on the Assembly to propose a bill to impeach Yoon on the grounds that he is unfit for office. The petition, which was posted on the Assembly’s website on June 20, has amassed over 1.3 million signatures as of Tuesday noon.

A petition approved by more than 50,000 people within 30 days is referred to a parliamentary subcommittee that reviews petitions under the Legislation and Judiciary Committee, and can be submitted to a plenary session.

The move comes as the DPK faces growing criticism over its push to impeach four incumbent prosecutors, mostly involved in corruption investigations into former party leader Rep. Lee Jae-myung.

The DPK’s planned impeachment is believed to constitute an abuse of power as lawmakers because it interferes with the exercise of others’ rights in violation of the Constitution and laws.