Why Real Madrid are in no hurry to sign Mbappe

Thanks to Jude Bellingham’s strong performance, Real Madrid’s plan to recruit players has also been relaxed. 토토사이트

Real’s transfer window this summer was a success. Not only Bellingham, which was set as the top target, but also Fran Garcia, Hosselu, Arda Guller, and Kepa Arrizabalaga were recruited one after another, achieving power reinforcement across all positions.

It is not that there is no regret left. Although striker Hosselu was hired on loan, there were many evaluations that it was not enough to fill the front line without Karim Benzema.

The possibility of recruiting a front-line striker continued to be raised. There have also been reports that Real is still interested in recruiting Doosan Blahovic and Romelu Lukaku.

The possibility of signing Kylian Mbappe this summer could not be ruled out. Real originally planned to bring Mbappe next summer. The intention was to bring Mbappe, whose contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) expires next summer, without a transfer fee.

However, Mbappe has recently been reportedly discussing a one-year contract extension with PSG. Real, who could not guarantee a free agent next summer, had no choice but to consider signing Mbappe this summer.

Some even argued that Real would invest 120 million euros (about 175.2 billion won) to bring Mbappe this summer, not next year.

It wasn’t true. According to a report by Spanish media “Marca” on the 25th, Real coach Carlo Ancelotti drew a line when asked about the possibility of recruiting Mbappe, saying, “I don’t think it’s possible.”

“This summer’s transfer market activity is over. We finished forming a squad. “All players are focusing on this season,” he said, excluding the possibility of additional recruitment.

The prevailing analysis is that the results of the two games played this season had a significant impact. Real showed off its sharp offense by scoring a total of five goals despite setting up a starting list without a professional striker in two recent league matches.

It is no exaggeration to say that La Liga is currently the best offensive power. No team has scored more than Real’s five goals this season, as the league has progressed to the second round.

At its center was Bellingham. Bellingham played a de facto “zero-top” role at strikerless Real. He diligently moved back and forth between the midfield and the front line to the vertex of the midfield, coordinating the game and even looking for a way to attack.

There was a shortage of strikers, but there was no shortage of offense. Bellingham scored a decisive goal in the opening match against Athletic Bilbao and scored two goals and one assist in the second round against Almería, dispelling Real’s concern about the lack of strikers.

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