Fencing is an organized sport in which swords are used for attack and defense according to specified movements and rules. Although the use of swords dates back to prehistoric times and swordsmanship dates back to ancient civilizations, the organized sport of fencing began in the late 19th century. For information on Japanese swordsmanship. It is a relief of the lower Mednath temple near Luxor, Egypt, built around 1190 BC by Ramses III. The relief should describe a practice match or match because the tip of the sword is covered and the swordsmen are wearing a shield on their left arm and wearing masks, large bibs, and padding on their ears. Swordsmanship was widely practiced not only by the Germans but also by the ancient Persians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans as a pastime.

The Romans brought gladiatorial arts to the very systematic arts taught to both their corps and gladiators. The gladiators were trained by professional instructors at the school (Rudy). Beginners practiced with a wooden sword called Rudis. More advanced training was conducted 스포츠토토 using weapons that were somewhat heavier than those used in actual combat. The practice of swordsmanship continued unabated from the fall of Rome to the Middle Ages, but swordsmanship training became less uniform and began to reflect the ideas of each military commander. During this time, sword fighting schools also developed somewhat unsavory characteristics, attracting people who wanted to learn the skilled use of weapons among the criminal elements of society. Many communities have found that the only way to solve this problem is to ban fencing schools within their boundaries. For example, in London in 1286, Edward I condemned “unprecedented misdeeds” committed by swordsmen and passed an edict threatening swift justice for teaching sword-related techniques. Despite such laws, fencing schools flourished.

By the 15th century, guilds of fencing masters had formed throughout Europe, most notably Marx Bruder, patented by the Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich III in 1480. The guild’s early fencing methods were somewhat rough, felled, and included wrestling movements. The guilds carefully kept their secret movements to defeat the unexpected enemy. Fencing was first supported in England by Henry VIII, who patented several fencing masters before 1540, allowing them to teach there. The early British style of combat using knives and bucklers ultimately changed to the Battle of Leypierre on the European continent. While foil fencing became increasingly stylized, the duel with the sword still continued. The complexity of foil fencing, practiced under the ideal conditions of the school, or in respect of established rules and customs by sellers, has become an interest-absorbing technique. But this orthodox, controlled swordplay meant little on a cold gray morning in the green sand or gravel road when faced with a determined opponent with a sharp, heavy weapon that ignored all customs. Ironically, however, by the mid-18th century, when fencing was at its peak in technology and theory, the duel with the sword had virtually disappeared because of increased gun accuracy. From this time on, fencing became a sport, and swordsmanship at that time was almost the same as modern fencing.

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