U.S. illegal bets reach $500 billion a year

The advent of online gambling has created an unprecedented boom in the casino industry, which has been going on for decades. This is not surprising. This is because with increased convenience and greater choice, gamblers are opting to give up traditional offline casinos and relax at home.

But with this increased flexibility, opportunities for the ancillary industry of illegal gambling increase. Doubts have long been raised that illegal platforms and unpopular game sources are on the rise, and now we know that the American Game Association has the data.

It is a remarkable report. Despite the expansion of gambling options across the country, Americans alone spend $5 trillion a year on overseas online sites, unlicensed platforms, unregulated gaming consoles, and even neighborhood bookstores. The $1.1 dollar is contributing to illegal and unregulated markets, and shows no sign of slowing down.

The report shows unregulated U.S. gambling robs state and local governments of more than $13.3 billion in annual tax revenue. Nearly $2.5 billion more than legitimate operators generated in 2021 (reported at $11.7 billion). 바카라

It doesn’t stop there. The legal gambling industry is also losing out on $44.2 billion in annual revenue in 2021, nearly half of its $92 billion combined commercial and shortage.

It’s only a matter of time before HIT is financially invested in users playing online games at licensed casinos. Industry developers use these statistics to determine which new games and themes to introduce and which platforms to support. Illegal gambling produces untraceable data. Data that does not contribute (and cannot) to the greater development of the community.

Bill Miller, AGA chairman and CEO, said, “Illegal and unregulated gambling is a disaster for our society, which exploits the interests of vulnerable consumers, avoids regulatory obligations, and robs communities of critical tax revenues for infrastructure and education… We’ve always known that illegal and unregulated markets are widespread, but this report illustrates just how prevalent illegal and unregulated markets are.”

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