“Three wins in archery for the first time in 37 years.” “Please pick me as the MVP!”

“Youngest ace” Lim Si-hyun (20), who won three archery medals at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, dreams of winning the Korea Sports Association’s Most Valuable Player Award (MVP). In the women’s individual archery final of the competition held at the Archery Field of the Puyang Yut Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 7th, Lee Si-hyun won the title by beating Ansan, the “three-time Tokyo Olympics champion,” with a set score of 6-0.

Lee Si-hyun, who previously combined for the gold medal in the mixed team event and the women’s team event, won three gold medals in the competition. He is the first Korean to win three gold medals in 37 years at the Asian Games. Lee Si-hyun said, “I decided to do my best with San and enjoy the game and went to the finals. I did everything I wanted to do. “I followed my sisters well, so I got a good result,” he said with a smile. When asked if he wanted to be selected as the MVP of the sports association, he smiled broadly and said, “Please vote for me!”

On the 2024 Paris Olympics, Lee said, “When you prepare for the main competition, you gain experience. I will prepare well and try to participate in the Paris Olympics,” he said. Ansan, who remained in second place, regretted, saying, “I don’t care about the results (in the final), but I wasn’t particularly happy because the score was not good for me personally.” To Lee Si-hyun, “Congratulations. “I think I will become a better player if I use this experience well and use it in other international competitions,” he encouraged.

The Korean Olympic Committee has decided to select one male and female MVP at the Asian Games to boost the morale of national athletes. This is the first time that the Sports Association has chosen an Asian Games MVP. The Sports Council will vote on selecting one male and female Korean player as the MVP against reporters who participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games. The sports association is said to be given 30 million won in encouragement money to players who were selected as male and female MVP. 안전놀이터

So far, Kim Woo-min and Lee Si-hyun, who have won three gold medals and added one silver medal in mid- to long-distance swimming management, are strong candidates for the award. Even medalists who made a strong impression even if they were not multi-time winners can be named MVP, so fierce competition is expected to take place until the end. The sports association closes the vote at 7 p.m. Korean time on the 7th.

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