The ODDSworks Partners With PDX Slot

ODDsworks, a leader in remote game server technology and interactive content known for delivering top-notch gaming content and state-of-the-art interactive technology for the regulatory and physical gaming market, today announced that it has taken a step toward further solidifying its position as a key aggregator in North America by working with PDX slots for content distribution.

“Working with PDX Slot, a recognized leader in the imaging industry, marks a significant leap forward for ODDSworks,” said Larry DeMar, president of ODDsworks. “Our innovative gaming solutions are now poised to reach new horizons, giving players an unparalleled gaming experience.”

The PDX slot’s comprehensive gaming portfolio spans exclusive and third-party titles, each boasting a fascinating theme, great graphics, and compelling features. With nearly 100 years of combined gaming experience, ODDsworks is owned and operated by industry veterans who truly understand the gaming world and players. 파칭코

Chris Housel, CEO of PDX Slot, said, “We are pleased to be the first RGS-RGS integration of ODDSWorks, extending our reach to operators immediately.” “Our goal is to achieve 100% coverage in the markets we operate in. The synergy between ODDSWorks’ well-established reputation in the gaming industry and our commitment to delivering exceptional content is clear. This integration represents an important leap forward for both companies. Stay tuned for an unmatched gaming experience brought to you by this dynamic partnership!”

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