The Lotte Giants’ final spring training game in Guam

The Lotte Giants’ final spring training game in Guam was canceled due to rain. The team notified the players who would not be able to join the second Okinawa camp. Among them, second-year infielder Jeong Dae-sun (20) was not discouraged by the notification.

Lotte was scheduled to play its second self-defense game at the Dededo Sports Complex in Guam on the 19th, but it was canceled due to a strong squall that came at short notice. The first round of camp eliminations, which were to be decided after the tournament, were also called off early.

Among the pitchers, only Lee Min-seok, who is in the final stages of rehabilitation after undergoing elbow ligament reconstruction surgery last year, will travel to Busan. Lee was scheduled to move to the second team after completing his final rehabilitation in warmer Guam, where he will continue with bullpen and live pitching. After three bullpen pitches on the 19th, 토토사이트 it was decided early on that Lee would not move on to Okinawa.

There were three more eliminations from the outfield.

Jung Dae-sun from the infield and Lee Jung-hoon and Jang Doo-sung from the outfield didn’t make it to Okinawa. At the end of the day’s training, the coaching staff personally notified the players who were eliminated.

Lotte will wrap up its first spring training in Guam with a half-day workout on Tuesday and will travel to Onikawa, Japan, on the 21st to play a total of seven exhibition games against KBO League clubs, including two group exchange games against Chiba Lotte. The team won’t be able to test every player during this process. As a result, some of the roster did not travel with the team to Okinawa and were moved to the second team.

The exclusion of second-year infielder Jung Dae-sun may come as a surprise. He was a resource that defense coach Kim Min-ho, a “defense craftsman,” had worked hard to develop. He was the player who spent the most time with the coach since last year’s final camp and was the most praised. He worked hard at all positions, including shortstop, second base, and third base, and worked his way up to the first team spring training. In fact, he showed so much growth that it seemed like a surprise star was born. Coach Kim Tae-hyung said, “He has good talent,” and gave Jeong Dae-sun a glance from time to time.

However, in the end, he was unable to break through the gap in the infield held by the strong first-team seniors.

The team lost Ahn Chi-hong to free agency, but added Kim Min-sung through a free agent sign-and-trade. Oh Seon-jin and Choi Hang were also added through the second round of the draft. Other notable additions include Go Seung-min, who returned to the second base position in the infield alongside Noh Jin-hyuk and Park Seung-wook, and Lee Joo-chan, who caught the eye of Kim Tae-hyung after being discharged from active duty last year.

With so many players available, Jung Dae-sun, who is still young and has plenty of opportunities left, didn’t get a chance to stay. When we met with Jung after the cut list was finalized, he had a cool expression on his face. “I’m very disappointed. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t greedy until the Okinawa camp.” “Still, if I went to Okinawa, I wouldn’t have been able to play many games because there were many seniors. I think I can improve my performance in the second team and then come up again in the exhibition game and show well,” he said, shaking off his regret.

A lot of things changed after meeting coach Kim Min-ho. The second-year player is becoming a fully-fledged professional. “I didn’t know much about myself. “I wasn’t sure myself, but the seniors and coaches around me said that I could see that I had definitely improved from the final camp, so I was thinking about that,” he said, adding, “Coach Kim Min-ho told me a lot of good things and taught me from the final camp to the spring camp.” He expressed his gratitude.

His physique has also improved considerably.

“Last year, I weighed about 78 kilograms, but now I’ve gained up to 88 kilograms. Last year, the coaches said I didn’t have a lot of body fat, so I gained body fat and gained muscle mass. Last year, I felt like I was pushing the ball, but now I feel like I’m literally hitting the ball,” he explained.

The coaching staff is equally impressed. “It was right after training, so I didn’t hear from Coach Kim Min-ho. Coach Kim Kwang-soo said, 파워볼실시간 ‘If you go and work hard, you’ll have a good chance, and you’re still young,’ which comforted me.”

The elimination doesn’t mean he’ll never be a candidate. Jung is determined and vows to return to the first team soon. “As coach said, I’m still young. I don’t think it’s too soon. I have to play baseball for the next 10 or 20 years, so I have to prepare well and work hard,” he said, adding, “I will prove myself again in the second team and come back.”

The four players who did not get tickets to Okinawa – Lee Min-seok, Jung Dae-sun, Lee Jung-hoon, and Jang Doo-sung – will board a flight to South Korea at dawn on the 20th.

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