The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) wants to work with the Federal Government Commission on addiction and drug issues to conduct training work on various subject areas

“In addition to the risks of online sports betting, the focus should also be on the impact of gambling addiction families on children and gambling advertising,” BZGA said in a press release on Monday.

Sports betting on the Internet has been allowed in Germany since the National Treaty on Gambling took effect on July 1, 2021. Dr Martin Dietrich, interim director of BZgA, said the risk of developing problematic or pathological gambling behavior is particularly high among players in online gambling and sports betting. 슬롯머신

According to the experts, the reason is the availability of the continuous offer and the prospect of high returns. According to the BZgA Gambling Survey, there are about 229,000 problem gamblers across the country and perhaps 200,000 pathological gamblers.

The Bavarian Vending Machine Association focuses on education and prevention
Raising and educating the general public about gambling and sports betting is especially important because not only individuals but also their professional and private environments are affected.

In particular, children from gambling-addicted families are at a higher risk of mental illness such as depression or anxiety disorders in adulthood, and are at a higher risk of self-addictive behavior.

Bayern Automaten-VerbandeV (BAV) President Andy Meindl explained that this is why it is essential to pursue information, education and prevention policies at an early stage, allowing consumers to distinguish between authorized and legitimate game offers and illegal offers.

In his statement, Meindl refers to the so-called “fengum,” which is particularly similar to a legal gambling proposal and drastically bypasses legal requirements.

There is no loss or restriction of use. A bet of up to 500 euros per round and a loss of 3,000 euros within 4 hours. For legitimate game offers, a minimum of 50 hours of play time is required.

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