Respect and admiration between November 9th is in everyone’s interest

Take away ESPN cameras, live animation spectators, and $8 million in first place prize money. And this year’s World Series Poker Main Event Final Table looks a lot like your weekly home game in a friend’s basement.

All the attributes not seen in ESPN’s main event coverage until Nov. 9 this year, when polarizing William Kasup and constant table chatter and frustrating slow play took center stage, overwhelmed the mood of the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino.

And as a result, everyone from players to TV viewers to poker games is benefiting. 온라인경마

“I think it’s great,” said Gordon Bayo, one of the three remaining players along with chip leaders Qui Nguyen and Cliff Josephine. The three players will fight from Tuesday afternoon until they are crowned WSOP main event champions. “It’s a far cry from what I saw on day seven. I think we all want it to be that way.”

Jack Eppel, the winner of this week’s ceremony, has been WSOP tournament director for 12 years, and this year’s group November Niners said they were the most “respectable” to each other.

“They have great chemistry,” Eiffel told us during Monday night’s action break. “When it comes to sportsmanship and getting along, this is the best last table I’ve ever seen.”

It’s an impressive compliment given what’s at stake and the tremendous pressure these players are under. They want to beat each other when their hands are in progress, but unlike recently, between their hands, they lose intensity and edge when they brake.

“I like all these people. I’m going to hang out with all of them and have fun off the table,” Bayo added. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled with every elimination. There’s nothing I want more than to beat this, and every time someone is ousted, I get one step closer. But that doesn’t mean it’s not bad for them.

“Vojtech really hurt when I held his hand tonight. Jerry Wong is a friend of mine and I hated seeing him go out last night. The same goes for Kenny (Hallaert) and Fernando. I think it’s because they realize better than anyone else that they’re going through this moment. So you can’t help but feel bad.”

Along with the good characteristics of the table, it has become a steady play speed with little tanking or excessive accidents.

“I think the players are realizing that it’s in everyone’s interest if we keep the pace of play at a reasonable pace,” Eppel said. “I mean, you can take extra time when you need it. We saw Cliff and Gordon have extra time earlier tonight and that’s fine because they were playing big pots.

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