Relegation’s tearful apology ‘Suwon Legend Last Like This…’ Throwing smoke bombs, even the fans were cold-hearted

Yeom Ki-hoon (40), acting coach of Suwon Samsung, expressed his sincere feelings to his fans. However, the reality of the team’s relegation was cold-blooded. Even Legend’s apology could not soothe the angry fans. Suwon fans even threw out red smoke bombs. Smoke bombs fell in front of the Suwon team including Yeom Ki-hoon. It was all the more regrettable because it was a retirement match for a veteran who devoted 13 years to serving his team in Suwon. 토토사이트

Yeom Ki-hoon’s earnest wish did not come true. Suwon tied 0-0 at home against Gangwon FC in the final round of 38 at Suwon World Cup Stadium on Tuesday. It lacked one point to beat Gangwon FC (10th) and Suwon FC (11th). Consequently, Suwon remained at the bottom (12th). It is the first time in the team’s history that it suffered a severe demotion since its foundation in 1995.

Acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon could not leave his post for a while even after the closing whistle blew. He was in quite a lot of pain sitting on the bench covering his head. He was even seen crying.

Yeom Ki-hoon, a former national winger, is a legendary figure in Suwon that everyone recognizes. Since joining Suwon in 2010, he has played for only one Suwon team for a whopping 13 years, except for his mandatory military service. This has been his retirement season. He postponed his retirement, which he thought would be helpful to his team last year, and started this season as a playing coach. He has led Suwon as an acting coach since September, taking over former coach Kim Byung-soo who was abruptly dismissed. However, he failed to prevent Suwon from being demoted.

Usually, he sends his gratitude to his fans when it comes to the last game for active duty. However, acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon could not afford to do so due to the reality of his team’s relegation. He only made an apology in tears. “I am so sorry to the fans. Players did their best on the field, but I did not want and thought about it,” acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon said. “Suwon will go up again. I hope the players can cheer up as well. I have no regrets about my decision (by acting as acting coach). This situation came because I was not good enough. I wanted to do something for the team.”

Yeom Ki-hoon, who has decided to take off his current uniform, has yet to decide his future. For now, he has made up his mind to choose the path of a leader. However, he can say goodbye to the Suwon club. “I have a big desire to become a leader. I don’t know where I will start again, but I will continue to dream of becoming a leader. I need to talk about my future with the Suwon club once again. I will live the life of a leader, whether it be Suwon or elsewhere,” Yeom said.

“I tried to retire last year, but I took charge of play coaching this year. I did my best to make that choice the best option. So I have no regrets at all,” he said. “I will continue to support Suwon. I will also help Suwon in what I can do to help it do well.”

Suwon, a renowned professional soccer team, has won four K-League titles in 28 years since its foundation in 1995. It also topped the FA Cup and the Asian Champions League. However, its performance deteriorated little by little. Suwon barely survived through the playoffs last year, but failed to avoid relegation this year. Acting head coach Yeom Ki-hoon also had to bow down.

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