PSG general manager said, “Tremendous efforts to recruit Lee Kang-in It was not for marketing.”rave about one’s performance

French media PSG Talk introduced an interview with Campos, who sought to recruit Lee Kang-in on the 21st. “We made a lot of efforts to recruit Lee Kang-in,” Campos said. “I heard from the club that the transfer fee should not exceed a certain level.”

General manager Campos said, “I like Lee Kang-in very much in terms of performance. Lee Kang-in fit exactly what Luis Enrique wanted. However, I did not think that Lee Kang-in would affect marketing in Asia,” he said.

Lee Kang-in moved from Mallorca to PSG ahead of this season. PSG is known to have paid a transfer fee of around 22 million euros to recruit Lee Kang-in. 카지노사이트 순위

Lee Kang-in has one goal and one assist in 16 league games at PSG this season. Lee Kang-in has started in all 16 league games he played this season. Lee Kang-in was less active in PSG due to injuries and national team call-ups at the beginning of this season, but he is quickly becoming a major player in his team.

PSG coach Luis Enrique said on the 4th, “Lee Kang-in is a really great player. It’s great. Lee Kang-in can play as a front-line striker and central midfielder as well as a wing. He knows how to play defensively and has a scoring ability. “Lee Kang-in is a very perfect player,” he said. “Lee Kang-in is an unusual player for PSG and Campos. “I was lucky to have Lee Kang-in in the squad since I took over as PSG coach.”

Lee Kang-in is known as the player who sold the most uniforms in PSG this season, beating Mbappe. French media Le10 Sport said on the 18th, “Lee Kang-in, who PSG recruited from Mallorca this summer, is having a very promising season in terms of performance.” In addition, in terms of marketing, Lee Kang-in was successful. Lee Kang-in is the player who sells the most uniforms in PSG, he said. “Lee Kang-in is a star in Korea, and thanks to Lee Kang-in, PSG can dominate the Asian market in terms of marketing.”

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