Pala completes casino expansion

On Friday, October 26, as the interior of the casino has been completed, Pala Casino Spa & Resort officials today announced that the expansion and renovation of the gaming, entertainment and dining facilities has been completed.

Painters and wallpapers put finishing touches on wall coverings and building columns, placed new furniture on slot floors and table game areas, and installed the last complements of new chandeliers throughout the casino.

“With the completion of this work, all planned internal expansions and renovations of gaming, dining, spas, swimming pools and entertainment facilities that began in October 2017 have been completed,” Pala CEO Bill Wembenek said. “Next will be the renovation of hotel rooms.”

The entire interior project includes a 10,000-square-foot new casino area offering more than 300 slots and video games, a new marquise bar and lounge, more than 300 slots and video poker machines, a live poker, casino cashier services and a 15,000-square-foot smoking-free casino area that includes several restaurants and bars, an expanded Noodle Asian restaurant and an expanded Louis Ray restaurant, bar and lounge.

The Marquise Bar offers luxurious lounge areas and ample seating in the middle of casino action. The bar is decorated with hundreds of strands of crystal and is the center of the new 10,000-square-foot gaming area, offering more than 300 new slots and video poker machines along with new blackjack and roulette tables. 온라인카지노

The 15,000-square-foot non-smoking casino area is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass. Pala’s HVAC system has been enhanced to ensure positive air flows from non-smoking areas to non-smoking casino areas. It offers over 300 slots and video poker machines, live poker, cashier services, and several restaurants and bars. Customers can enter the non-smoking casino directly through Pala’s free valet service.

Noodle doubles the size of its kitchen and cooking area, increases its dedicated restaurant to 105 seats, sets up a larger takeout counter, and Chef Tsuzin “Ken” Kao has been appointed as its new room chef. A visit to Noodle will give you a smorgasbord experience of Asia. It offers Asian specialties from four cultures: Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam, and its menu is printed in four languages: English, China, Vietnam, and Korea.

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