Non-Gaming Celebrates Japan’s Lucky Cat in Maneki 88 Lucky

iGaming content provider BGaming believes the iconic lucky cat will win a big victory in the recently released Maneki 88 Fortune.

The Japanese-inspired game sees players travel to the fascinating Far East to enjoy an oriental charm, with a friendly Maneki-Neko talisman waiting to draw luck and money from this medium-variable slot.

Players with tigers, pandas, turtles, cranes, and coi embark on a voyage of discovery, where they can spot flowering lotus wilds appearing in reels 2, 3 and 4, and accept torii spawning, replacing all symbols.

In this online slot, a special coin wild symbol further activates the game and increases the probability that each coin collected will win the jackpot. The 8th Coin Wild guarantees the start of the jackpot round, which offers four types of jackpot with up to 3,000 times the multiplier. 온라인경마

Gameplay is enhanced by the golden torii scattering that appears on the reel, so if you land more than 3 in the main game, the bonus rotates and 10 bonuses rotate. During this mode, all coin wild triggers a jackpot round with 12 coins on the screen. In a move towards gamification, players can earn one of the four jackpots by clicking on a coin matching the same three jackpots symbols.

Another unique addition is the Golden Symbol feature, which allows the player to select up to five Golden Symbols, directly affecting the jackpot level, with the Golden Symbol paying higher than the symbol version when it lands on the reel. All symbols except scatter have the same initial payment value that can be increased when the player selects the golden symbol.

Using a 96.38% RTP, this adventurous slot also includes a popular buy bonus feature that allows players to buy bonus spin rounds with a certain number of golden symbols. After buying the round, the next spin draws 3 scattering on reels 1, 3, and 5. This feature is disabled when the Chance 2x feature, which provides slightly increased bets and high bonus spin trigger probability, is enabled.

“Manekineko is a universally recognized symbol of good luck and we are confident that our players will enjoy its irresistible appeal in our new release,” said Yulia Aliacseva, co-CPO of Game B. “The additional coin wild symbol also adds greater strength as it gives players a path to the jackpot round with a clear jackpot victory.”

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