“No. 1 prospect” shot 101.5 miles last pitch “I was surprised too, to be honest.”

Paul Skins, a prospect who was the No. 1 overall draft pick last year, looked back on his appearance.

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Skins started the home game against the Tampa Bay Rays at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the 24th (Korea Standard Time), and allowed six hits, one homer, one walk, eight strikeouts and one run in seven innings.

He posted an average fastball speed of 99.4 miles on the day, the fastest 101.5 miles in the game on his 98th ball. 토토사이트 순위

“Honestly, I was a little surprised myself,” he said of the situation at the time, who came into the dugout with a smile after striking out swinging with this ball.

He said, “I was in good condition enough to throw long enough today, but I didn’t expect such a fastball to come out because such a fastball did not come out in the previous pitch.”

Although the average fastball pitcher tends to have less speed as the number of pitches increases, he showed a different appearance.

“This is my identity as a pitcher,” he said. “My identity is to maintain my pitching capability and speed until the end. I think my ball speed is an indicator of how I maintain my pitching capability. I don’t know what the secret is, but it’s good to be able to do so anyway.”

His appearance today impressed not only the spectators who visited the stadium but also his teammates.

Collin Holderman, who pitched in the eighth inning, said, “Everyone saw the speed limit and they couldn’t believe it. I knew he could throw such a speed limit, but it’s really special for him to keep the speed limit until the second half of the game.”

Manager Derek Shelton said, “It was really good. The opposing batters were aiming for a fastball. I hit a home run at the beginning of the game, but it was a homerun just because of the gap between the foul pole and the ball.”

“Knowing that today’s opponent is aiming for a fastball, he was good at controlling other pitching types. Usually, when facing a pitcher who throws a fastball like this, he usually hits the hardest pitch. It’s good that he has another weapon in this situation. He has shown how he has used it in the past few appearances,” he continued.

“If your opponent doesn’t hit the fastball, you won’t have to make adjustments. However, your opponent showed how you hit the ball, and you needed to make other adjustments,” Skins said, acknowledging the need for adjustments.

Regarding the homerun that Yandy Diaz allowed in the first inning, he said, “It didn’t look like a strong hit, but I was surprised to see it go over. I didn’t even know that the wind was blowing like that. Of course, wind was not the only reason. The opponent batter also hit the ball well enough. However, seeing the ball come directly into the foul pole, and I naturally made me smile. It was like, ‘That’s great,'” he said, explaining how he felt at the time.

Pittsburgh lost 1-3 despite good pitching by Skins. It was regrettable that Holderman allowed two runs in the eighth inning.

Holderman said, “Sometimes even a missed ball can fall into a defensive gap and become a hit. He gave up a hit that broke the bat to the first batter, and then there was the opponent’s hit and run. Momentum passed here. I tried to block it, but the opponent swung well. I will not despair too much and prepare for the next game.”

Shelton said, “The ball was a little crowded in the middle, but the hit that Josh Lowe allowed was a double play. Holderman has consistently shown good performance and there have been some mistakes today,” he said of Holderman’s pitch.

What was more regrettable was that the team had only one run. “We knew that the opposing team would be mobilized as the opposing bullpen was well rested, and we put the opposing team into action as well,” Shelton said. “We knew that the opposing team would come out, but we failed to target it properly.”

“I think we need to create more chances, just like we did in the eighth inning. Looking at the opponent’s attack in the eighth inning, Lowe’s hit went through between the first and second bases, but it wasn’t a hard hit either. O’Neill Cruz’s strong hit caught the front of the fielder. That’s how we made the difference. We hit a lot of strong hits, but we got caught in front of the fielder. I think Jose Siri (Tampa Bay center fielder) made the difference in this series. He showed really good defense,” he said, looking back on this series.

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