NC Historical Betting…Peddy Becomes Too Big, “Aiming $10 Million”

A promising player in the Major League Baseball’s active starting rotation who represented the team in his childhood was upgraded after thorough reflection and renovation in the offseason. The result was the bombing of the KBO League. Eric Peddy (30NC) left a historic milestone in the history of Korean baseball in 2023. 메이저 토토사이트

Pedi, who had rotated starting rotation of Washington D.C. until last year, made a 1 million-dollar contract with NC D.C. ahead of this season, and played in the Korean league. Of course, if the rotation of starting pitchers was not weak, it would be uncertain whether he would be able to play as a starting pitcher. Nevertheless, many people were curious about the outcome of a big player joining the KBO league. A year later, he was even better than expected. It was amazing.

He pitched 180 ⅓s in 30 games this season, leading the NC Dinosaurs with 20 wins, 6 losses, 2.00 ERA, 0.95 on base and 209 strikeouts. He even became the MVP of the regular season of the KBO League this year. He is also certain to win the Golden Glove Award, which will be announced on March 12. The problem is that he did too well. NC enjoyed the Peddie effect for a year, but paradoxically, the more he enjoyed the effect, the more he could not guarantee that he would accompany Peddie.

Major League teams have already watched his pitching since mid-season, and three to four Japanese baseball teams have also sent scouts to closely watch his pitching. It is time to expect a reverse export. In fact, Pedi is reportedly drawing attention from a number of major league teams. John Hayman, columnist for the New York Post and a major league source, also said early in the offseason that Pedi is drawing attention from major league teams, raising the possibility of a U-turn.

“We aimed for Fedi in Japan, but some teams fell apart after checking the level of interest of major league teams,” a source with knowledge of the situation said. Japan is also losing ground to the U.S. in a money fight anyway. This proves that the U.S. is paying keen attention to the game.

Arithmetic possibilities are low, but players cannot give up. NC plans to do its best to stay in the pedicure until the end. It is certain that the highest amount ever offered by a foreign player will be announced. The gist of the deal is multi-year contract, the first foreign player. However, the cap will hold back the players. Currently, the cap that can be given to three foreign players in the KBO League is 4 million dollars. Although 100,000 dollars increases per player’s annual leave, it is usually not far from 4 million dollars.

Given that three foreign players are hired, the prevailing view is that the maximum amount of bets a player can make is between 2 million and 2.5 million U.S. dollars per year. If NC rakes in, a two-year proposal worth between 4 million and 5 million dollars would be possible. Fedi is worth it. However, if Major League teams join, the proposal will likely go up in smoke. This is the case in the Major League market today.

“There are no pitchers in the U.S. right now. KBO league teams are also agonizing over the weakening of the pitcher’s pool,” a source familiar with the foreign market said. “In the past, players who were good in Korea or Japan were not very interested in them. The notion of ‘a player who failed in the Major League’ was already too firm. Now, however, things are different. As there are no pitchers, foreign countries are paying attention. It is natural that Peddy, who has achieved the most success in the KBO League, is drawing attention.”

The Major League Trade Rumors (MLTR), which deals with news on the Major League’s transfer market, also discussed the possibility of a total of 10 million U.S. dollars, saying that Peddy is drawing attention from clubs. The media emphasized that although players who moved from the KBO to the Major League, including Merrill Kelly, Chris Flexen, and Josh Lindblom, never signed contracts worth 10 million dollars, Peddy’s pitching performance this year was more overwhelming than the previous three players. In addition, he is not old enough. Based on this, MLTR predicts that 10 million dollars could be possible.

He also had a career as a rising star in the Major League and rotation of starting pitchers in the Major League Baseball. Furthermore, he focused on developing himself by moving his home to Arizona during the offseason, and made further progress in some pitches this year. It was a big change that Pedi himself could admit. Major League scouts who are familiar with Pedi may have clearly read that change in KBO league games. If he can earn around 10 million dollars for two years, Pedi is also a successful U-turn. Pedi’s annual salary in 2022 was 2.15 million dollars. This is why one year in Korea will be so precious.

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