Macau expected to increase visitors during Lunar New Year due to lifting of measures

Macau authorities expect Chinese tourists to flock to China’s Lunar New Year holiday as they finally allowed mainland Chinese tourists to visit the country following the suspension of COVID-19 quarantine measures and COVID-19 policy for the first time in three years.

Although cases have been soaring in mainland China and Macau recently, tourism is expected to rebound as Golden Week approaches, the only place in China where gambling is allowed. The reason for this expectation can be found on reservation sites that widely search for tourist attractions including Macau.

Macau’s tourism agencies are quickly adapting to the situation of forming promotional campaigns to capitalize on policy changes. After Macau recorded 280,000 visitors to mainland China in December, they are stepping up their efforts to customize their products to show further improvement next month. In addition to mainland Chinese tourists, Hong Kong’s tour groups have also begun to testify to the increase in visits to Macau.

However, the Macau Tourism Bureau warned that the recent COVID-19 outbreak in China could affect the number of tourists coming from the mainland. The outbreak will certainly trigger some of the benefits from the opening of popular casino destinations, but the festive season is expected to push the number of tourists to an expected level.

Chinese visitors will still have to meet 48-hour negative nucleic acid testing requirements in various regions, with the U.S. reviewing Covid testing measures for visitors from China, Hong Kong and Macau starting Jan. 5. The reason for the implementation of these measures is a change in the Chinese government’s COVID reporting policy, which has no longer released daily COVID patient statistics despite some 250 million infections so far. 온라인카지노사이트

At the same time, Hong Kong has imposed no restrictions on new arrivals from the region, leading to a surge in visitors on the bridge connecting the two regions. Ferries between Macau and Hong Kong airports also resumed on Friday, announcing that they would soon resume to the Sun Tak Ferry Terminal in the wake of a major change in Macau after three years of isolation.

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