Lee Kang-in’s vacancy is too big for Mallorca…”With the painful relegation fight again,”

Majorca, the former team of Lee Kang-in (22, Paris Saint-Germain), is continuing its struggle for survival. Mallorca, which ranked ninth in Spain’s Primera Liga last season, remains in the middle of the relegation zone and the five-point gap this season. Local analysts say that Lee Kang-in and Inigo Luis de Galaretta and two others’ departure are fatal causes.

Spain’s Diario de Mallorca said on the 30th (Korea Standard Time), “Mayorka, who had a dream season with Lari ranking ninth, is having a hard time after saying goodbye to Lee Kang-in, Luis de Galaretta and two stars,” adding, “The team that dreamed of more than that last season has now become a team that has to struggle to avoid relegation again.” 안전한 파워볼사이트

“There is nothing more difficult than letting go of an important player in the world of soccer,” the media said. Majorca is also suffering as Lee Kang-in and Luis de Galaretta, who once played a key role in dreaming of “Europe” last season, left their team last summer. “In fact, Majorca, which was on the verge of relegation every year, was more meaningful than last season.”

After being demoted to the second division in the 2013-14 season, Majorca once dropped to the third division in the 2017-18 season, before being promoted to La Liga in the 2019-20 season. However, they were demoted immediately the following year and were promoted again. They managed to stay in the top 16 in the 2021-22 season. Surviving the first division was a key challenge for Majorca every season.

However, it was truly a sensation last season. Once upon a time, his ranking rose to the point where he even qualified for a UEFA club competition. At the center of the competition was Lee Kang-in. He played in 36 La Liga matches (33 starts) last season, posting a career-high six goals and six assists. He showed off fantastic teamwork with Vedat Muriki, who had 15 goals and three assists, and led the team’s offense. Luis de Galaretta, who was mentioned along with Lee, also played a key role in the midfield. As a result, Majorca ranked ninth with 14 wins, eight draws and 16 losses, and 50 points. The gap with Osasuna, who ranked seventh in the UEFA Europa Conference League, was only three points.

Naturally, the team deserved to set its goal higher this season. Majorca failed again. Lee Kang-in was bombarded with love calls from big clubs such as Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and ended up wearing a PSG jersey through a 22 million euro transfer fee. Luis de Galaretta also headed to his former club Athletic Bilbao. Majorca spent 18 million euros to buy Kyle Larin and Serhiy Dader, but it was not enough to fill the gap between Lee and Luis de Galaretta.

The absence of Lee Kang-in and others eventually brought Mallorca back to its place. Although it has been on the upward curve again recently, last season’s European dream disappeared and it became a situation where it had to compete for survival again. The defense has not completely collapsed with 22 runs in 18 games, but the score is only 17 goals. The poor scoring ability, which is less than one goal per game, has repeatedly held back Mallorca in a game where they have to win three points. Lee Kang-in’s vacancy is inevitably felt that much.

“Lee Kang-in and Laryn and Dader, who replaced Luis de Galaretta, were expected to lead Mallorca going forward in terms of investment size and skills, but they fell far short of expectations. There are too few wins (three wins), too many draws (nine draws), and there is not enough goal to break this balance. It is time for Majorca to go through a painful time to avoid relegation again,” he added.

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