Korean Air defeated Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and ran for five consecutive games… I can see you leading

Professional volleyball Korean Air players are happy to score against KB Insurance on the 15th

Korean Air, a men’s professional volleyball player, is preparing for a “leading flight.”

Korean Air beat Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the second round of the men’s Dodram 2023-2024 V-League with a set score of 3-0 (25-20, 25-19, 25-22) at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 15th.

As a result, Korean Air, which won five consecutive games, recorded 19 points (6 wins and 2 losses), chasing the first-place Woori Card (20 points, 7 wins and 1 loss) to the bottom of the line by one point.

He also avenged his defeat in the first round match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on the 19th of last month after a full-set battle. On the other hand, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which once competed for the lead with five consecutive wins, has lost two consecutive games recently, and its upward trend has been dampened.

Korean Air Showed the Charm of ‘Defensive Volleyball’ 스포츠토토

Korean Air took the lead by winning easily from the first set. It was effective to tie the attack of the opponent’s main gun, Yosbani Hernandez (registered name Yosbani). Yosvani scored just two points in the first set.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance struggled in the second set due to Korean Air’s defense. Asian quarter Eddie Zargacha (registered name Eddie) was put in, but the atmosphere did not change.

On the other hand, Korean Air survived Jeong Han-yong, who led the attack in the first set, and Lim Dong-hyuk in the second set. In particular, Korean Air made home fans enthusiastic by succeeding in the rear attack following a dig that saved the ball that went far out of the line to the front of the electronic display at the beginning of the set.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was on the brink of a cliff, did not easily back down in the third set. Korean Air ran away 8-3, but Park Sung-jin, Yosbani, and Kim Jung-ho scored consecutive points to tie the game 13-13.

However, again this time, Jeong Han-yong and Lim Dong-hyuk came out as solvers. Korean Air made it 23-20 when the two players’ rear-end attacks broke out, and Korean Air won the shutdown as Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance collapsed in succession of serve errors.

Jung Han-yong, who is a big player, I don’t envy foreign players

Korean Air’s Jeong Han-yong is catching the opponent’s attack in the KB Insurance match on the 15th

Korean Air opened this season without having the best power due to a series of injuries to its main players.

On the same day, “Ace” Jung Ji-seok sat in the stands due to a back injury, and Asian quarter Mark Espejo (registered name Espejo) only warmed up on the bench. Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln), a foreign striker who has not yet been in high physical condition, came on as a substitute.

Nevertheless, Korean Air is showing off its player lineup that other teams envy as it competes for the lead.

At the center of it is Jung Han-yong, an outside heater in his third year of debut. He only became a one-point server in his first professional season, and he gained experience by playing in 122 sets in 34 games last season, securing a place from the opening game this season when a large number of the main players were missing.

Jeong Han-yong has become a clear attack card for Korean Air by scoring double digits every time he plays. In particular, in the match against KB Insurance on the 11th, he tied 6 serve aces, 3 blocks, and 4 rear attacks to score 22 points, achieving his first triple crown in his life.

It is also an old saying that sub-receiving is weak. Jeong Han-yong stably received numerous target serves from his opponent on the day and eased the shoulder of setter Han.

As such, Korean Air is less dependent on foreign players as young players such as Jeong Han-yong and Lim Dong-hyuk grow rapidly. As the competition for the starting lineup intensified, Tommy Tilikainen, who leads Korean Air, was in happy agony.

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