Kim Min-jae’s transfer → Napoli’s wind and rain…Chairman’s public apology. “I’m sorry.”

Napoli ended the 2022-24 season with its best ever. It topped Italy for the first time since Diego Maradona was founded. Based on Luciano Spalletti’s leadership, key players such as Kim Min-jae, Victor Osimhen, and Hvicha Kravatshelia performed so well that they won the title in a landslide.

Ahead of the 2023-24 season, Napoli have not made major changes. Only Kim Min-jae has left the team. There have been gaps between Spaletti and general manager Cristiano Giuntoli for the Italian national team and Juventus, respectively, but Napoli have quickly sought a replacement for their second consecutive win this season.

However, Napoli’s performance this season has been seriously bad. Coach Rudy Garcia, who took the helm of the team after Spaletti, lost control of the team at all. There were rumors of discord with the players and their performance was worse than last season. Kim’s absence was felt intact in the stadium, and Napoli’s competition for the championship has plummeted to a level where it was embarrassing to say. 무료 슬롯

In the end, de Laurentiis replaced Garcia after 16 games and brought in Valtter Mijn. His performance has not changed even since Mijn took charge. Recently, the team suffered a 0-4 defeat to Prosinone in the Copa Italy, and ranked seventh in the league as it collapsed 0-2 in an away game in AS Rome. Napoli’s sense of crisis is intensifying as it tied at home against Monza on Thursday (Korea time).

Finally, De Laurentiis appeared at the press conference and apologized for his team’s recent lackluster performance. “I want to say that I am responsible for everything that has happened up to today. I take full responsibility. I have to apologize to all the Napoli fans. We are sorry for our ranking,” he said. “We will jump into the transfer market to recover our performance,” vowing to rebound his performance in the second half.

There are not many rumors about which player Napoli will bring in from the transfer market. On the other hand, fans are increasingly anxious as only news has been reported that Giovanni Simeone and other players will leave the team.

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