KIA, how far are you going up? Can Doosan and Lotte play fall baseball?

As 2023 professional baseball, which will play a total of 720 games, 144 games per team, enters the end of the game, each team is engaged in an all-out war to enter the postseason and occupy an advantageous position.

With about 20 to 30 games left per team, each club in the KBO League will fiercely fight for its last place.

This week’s professional baseball will feature KIA-Doosan (Jamsil), Kiwoom-NC (Changwon), LG-kt (Suwon), SSG-Hanwha (Daejeon), and Samsung-Lotte (Ulsan) games on weekdays (5th to 7th).

Samsung-Doosan (Jamsil9th doubleheader), Lotte-NC (Changwon9th doubleheader), SSG-kt (Suwon), LG-KIA (Gwangju9th doubleheader), and Hanwha-Kium (Gocheok9th doubleheader) will clash on the weekend (8th-10th). 토토사이트

The momentum of the fourth-place KIA Tigers is scary.

KIA recently won eight consecutive games with a fire bat and finished fourth. The gap between KIA and SSG is only 1.5 games apart.

KIA brings LG home after playing three consecutive games against Doosan in Jamsil.

KIA recorded a team batting average of 0.337 during its eight consecutive wins, and the team OPS (long-range batting average + on-base percentage) reached 0.918 points. Expectations are high on how long KIA’s upward trend will continue.

Sixth-ranked Doosan and seventh-ranked Lotte, which are betting on the last hope of autumn baseball, are in a tough race as they have been playing nine consecutive games, including a showdown in Busan on Monday, the 4th.

Doosan is chasing the fifth-ranked NC Dinos by three games as KIA, which was competing for fifth place, hits and goes up, while Lotte maintains a 3.5 game difference with fifth-ranked NC, the Maginot Line of autumn baseball.

The No. 1 LG Twins will enter the final stage of winning the regular season.

LG will play three consecutive games against second-place KT Wiz at Suwon KT Wiz Park from the 5th to the 7th.

Depending on the results of the three consecutive games, LG may solidify its No. 1 position or provide an excuse for pursuit.

LG and KT are 5.5 games apart as of the 4th.

If LG wins more than two wins, it will cross the seventh-division ridge of the regular-season championship, but if it gives up all three games, the gap between the two teams will be reduced to 2.5 games, leaving the first-place fight in the fog.

The atmosphere between the two teams has not been very good lately. LG has lost two consecutive games and KT has lost three consecutive games.

LG was caught by the lowest-ranked Hanwha Eagles for two consecutive days while ace Adam Plutko was shaken by an injury.

KT also suffered a sweeping defeat to the ninth-ranked Kiwoom Heroes due to its sluggish team lineup.

Meanwhile, LG and kt seem to be “all-in” in Suwon’s three consecutive games.

KT plans to put all three key starters, William Cuevas, Wes Benjamin, and Ko Young-pyo.

On top of that, Kang Baek-ho, a leading hitter who was excluded from the lineup due to mental problems, and veteran infielder Kim Sang-soo, who was canceled due to an ankle sprain, will join.

For LG, Casey Kelly and Choi Won-tae are expected to play against KT.

After three consecutive games against LG, KT must play a match against the third-place SSG Landers.

KT and SSG may change their rankings through this week’s game by just two games.

However, SSG has recently slowed down to four consecutive losses amid a severe slump in pitching and hitting.

SSG made a big change to the coaching staff on the 3rd to prevent the decline, but it did not have much effect right now.

It is also worth watching the fight for the last place. Kiwoom, ranked ninth with four consecutive wins, and Hanwha, the lowest with two consecutive wins, will face off from the 8th to the 10th. The two teams will play four consecutive games with a combined doubleheader.

There is a doubleheader variable in professional baseball this week.

LG-KIA match (Gwangju), Samsung Lions-Doosan match (Jamsil), Lotte Giants-NC Dinos match (Changwon), and Hanwha Eagles-Kium Heroes match (Gocheok) will be held in two consecutive games on the 9th.

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