Jeju United will clash with Pohang Steelers to advance to the finals

The Korea Football Association held a draw for the semifinals of the “2023 Hana One Q FA Cup” at the soccer hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul, at 2 p.m. on the 18th.

Prior to the proceedings, the KFA conducted brief interviews with each team’s coach and players. Below are interviews with coaches and players of each team. Meanwhile, Jeonbuk was absent due to KTX problems due to bad weather.

Jeonbuk will face Incheon and Jeju will face Pohang.The semifinals will be held on August 9, and the finals will be held on November 2 and December 4.

Coach Cho Sung-hwan (Incheon): Actually, the schedule is tight, so I want to play at home rather than at the original information. Even if I want to avoid it, I want to avoid Jeonbuk, which has a thick team squad, because it is a home & away method in the case of the final.

Coach Nam Ki-il (Jeju): There is a team that I want to avoid and meet. It’s Incheon. I think it’s a team that I want to avoid because Incheon’s recent rise is good and the team atmosphere is good.

Coach Kim Ki-dong (Pohang): We think that thinking that there is a team that we want to avoid because the goal is to win is to lose. There is no team I want to avoid because I have to win everything, whether it’s the finals. 스포츠토토탑

Q. If you win the FA Cup, what’s your promise?

Director Cho Sung-hwan (Incheon): I think I’ve made a total of three pledges so far. In Jeju, he said he would dye his hair orange if the crowd exceeded 20,000, and if he advanced to the Asian Champions League (ACL), he held a ceremony with orange panties. Lastly, for the third time, he promised air tickets to fans who visited the away match in Jeju from Incheon. If I win, I promise blue hair, blue underwear, and airline tickets.

Q. What is your own FA Cup winning strategy?

Coach Nam Ki-il (Jeju): I think I need to prepare well for strategy and tactics with the players as I have been playing every game. Since the semifinals are a single round, I think I should focus more on the game. I think I should prepare thinking that I should play the game that fans are looking forward to.

Q. Who do you think should be good to our team to win?

Coach Kim Ki-dong (Pohang): We’re a team that doesn’t focus on one player, but plays as a one-team team. Still, Seung-dae and the captain seem to be doing well for all players at the same time. I hope Seung-dae’s role plays well in the stadium and in terms of life.

Q. I think the director has many strengths. What are his weaknesses?

Kim Seung-dae (Pohang): I’ve talked about it in other interviews before, and I think you all know. I think the disadvantage is that you have too many advantages.

Lee Ju-yong (Jeju) : I decided not to do it like this with Seungdae hyung in advance…The coach may be trying a lot, but he puts up with his expression when he scores a goal. If you express more, I think the players can do better. In the Pohang game, coach Kim Ki-dong runs to the corner flag, and I hope our coach will do a ceremony together.

Coach Nam Ki-il asked what he thought of the remarks.

Coach Nam Ki-il (Jeju): The coach must not leave the technical area. Many coaches don’t seem to abide by the rules. I follow the rules exactly, and I hope other coaches follow the rules. I want to go inside the stadium if you allow me when our player scores a goal in the FA Cup.

Oh Ban-seok (Incheon): I don’t think I can find any disadvantages in the stadium, and I think it’s a little disadvantage to take away a lot of balls when you exercise, and to retaliate.

Coach Cho Sung-hwan replied to the remarks.

Director Cho Sung-hwan (Incheon): I tried to change my image, but it doesn’t seem to change yet. I think I’m technically kicking it, but I don’t think I’ve been able to meet the players’s.

Q. If you reached the final and had to go to a penalty shoot-out in the second round, which number would you choose as the captain among the kickers 1 to 5?

Kim Seung-dae (Pohang): You’ll know only when you look at your condition that day, but each player will have a preferred number. I’ll talk to the team and if there’s an order in which the players feel burdened, I’ll take the order and kick it.

Q. Which striker did you encounter as a defender, Pohang or Incheon, find difficult to stop?

Lee Ju-yong (Jeju): I want to pick Kim Seung-dae in Pohang, and I want to pick Mugosa in Incheon. Seung-dae’s clever play made it difficult for him to maintain balance as an opposing team. Mugosa once played in Incheon last year, but it was difficult to think that he was a player who could score in any situation.

Q. What kind of player does Incheon want to pick in the team to win?

Oh Ban-seok (Incheon): I think we should keep an eye on Mugosa’s toes.

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