It has been suggested that Son Heung-min’s performance is the reason why Tottenham can win this season.

Global soccer media “Goal Dotcom” mentioned seven reasons why Tottenham can win the EPL this season.

Son Heung-min was mentioned, saying, “I played on the left side at the beginning of the season, but I took the opportunity to play as a front-line striker for Tottenham.”

“Son Heung-min achieved a brilliant hat trick against Burnley. He showed finishing skills that match intelligent movements. He then scored in the North London derby against Arsenal and scored his sixth goal of the season against Liverpool. Tottenham’s manager also admitted that the front-line striker is now suitable. 온라인카지노

Son Heung-min’s performance gave off an atmosphere that he can expect golden boots, but it is not surprising to say that he is aiming for the second EPL top scorer. You can score from any angle with the excellent skill of both feet. Tottenham do not miss Kane. It’s all thanks to Son Heung-min.”

In addition to Son Heung-min’s role as a front-line striker, coach Enje Postecoglou, James Medicine, Mickey Van Der Ben, Destiny Udozi, Yves Bissouma, and Tottenham’s physical arrangement due to not playing in the Champions League were mentioned as the reason for winning the EPL this season.

However, there are not only positive opinions about Tottenham’s chances of winning.

Vacari Sanya, a former Arsenal player, said on the betting site Paddy Power, “The competition to win the EPL will be between Arsenal and Manchester City. Tottenham will collapse as usual, he predicted.

“I’m not saying I’m a fan of Arsenal. Tottenham have been inconsistent all season,” he added.

Along with this, “Tottenham has no other player who can lead the team or play an important role in winning the championship other than Son Heung-min.” They struggle with long-term competition. “You can compete for the Champions League berth, but it’s not a championship,” he criticized.

On the 11th, soccer content producer ‘score90’ released the probability of winning the 2023/24 EPL using information from the betting site ‘Bet 365’.

Tottenham has a 7% chance of winning. This is an increase of 3% from 4% on the 29th. It seems that the first place in the EPL has been applied.

Tottenham have not won the EPL since the last 1960/61 season. It is similar to the trend at the time, so fans are expecting something they may not know.

As Tottenham’s possibility of winning is mentioned, attention is focusing on whether Son Heung-min will be able to win a trophy that is not in his career.

Son Heung-min had a chance to win at Tottenham. The most regrettable thing was the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League (UCL). They met Liverpool in the final, but they managed to overcome their disappointment as they lost 0–2.

Tottenham have made a tremendous start under the new manager system. Since the 1960/61 season, when he won the championship, the best atmosphere has been detected, and attention is being paid to whether he can win the trophy.

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