‘Inside Out 2’ dominates domestic box office

Poster for the film, 'Inside Out 2' / Courtesy of Walt Disney Company Korea

Disney’s animated movie, “Inside Out 2,” is making waves at the Korean box office, attracting an accumulated audience of 4.63 million as of Friday, according to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

The coming-of-age film sold more than 100,000 tickets on Thursday alone, topping the box office for 16 consecutive days since its release 카지노사이트모음 on June 12. Trailing behind were the thriller “Hijack 1971” and the horror movie “A Quiet Place,” which drew 48,796 and 45,236 viewers on the same day, respectively.

“Hijack 1971,” starring Sung Dong-il and Yeo Jin-goo, is based on a true story of a South Korean man who hijacked a plane to cross the border into North Korea. “A Quiet Place: Day One” is an American post-apocalyptic horror film set in a world dominated by blind yet noise-sensitive extraterrestrial creatures.

Directed by Kelsey Mann, “Inside Out 2” portrays an adventure of Riley, a 13-year-old girl who encounters new emotions — anxiety, envy, embarrassment and ennui — as she experiences puberty.

It is the sequel to the 2015 movie “Inside Out,” which drew a total of 4.97 million viewers in Korea. If the sequel’s popularity continues, it is expected to shatter the record set by the first film.

“I really wish I had a movie like this when I was growing up because I know you’re going through a lot at that age,” Mann told the American magazine, Variety. “And a lot of the time you think it’s only you that’s going through it, that no one else is going 대표하는 through it. I knew that was a big opportunity with this movie. We can make this big film that goes out to the world to tell a lot of people that they’re not alone.”

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