“Humble again.” Son Heung-min said, “Two wins in a row? I didn’t do anything. The players’ mentality was brilliant.”

Tottenham won 2-0 in the 17th round match of the English Premier League (EPL) for the 2023-2024 season at the Nottingham City Ground on Saturday afternoon (local time). It has won two consecutive games in the league. Son started as a starter and played 88 minutes.

After the match, he met Son in the mixed zone. “Winning such a match is the most important thing,” Son said. “It is more precious than any other three points.” “Players’ abilities and mentality are the key to winning two consecutive games,” Son said. “I didn’t do anything special.”

I think it was a good phenomenon to win in a difficult situation, to maintain a good atmosphere. I think the most important thing is to win games like this. Going forward, it will be more difficult to play away games than at home. Due to the circumstances of the game, I felt that taking three points like this in a difficult situation is more precious than any other three points. I think that’s why all the players liked it.

I thought that if I was 파워볼실시간 on the side, a lot of players would definitely try to make it more difficult. Then there will definitely be more space for our other players. It means that other players will have more opportunities. I also need to analyze more in this. I try to talk more about how I should play more with the coaches.

I think we definitely have a lot of shortcomings in today’s game. I think we’ve got good things, but I think we’ve definitely got shortcomings, so if we try to develop these shortcomings a little more, I think we’ll have a lot of plays that can definitely help the team.

It’s the players’ ability. I think the biggest factor is players’ ability and mentality. I didn’t do anything special. Other players felt a little more crisis-stricken and took more responsibility, so I played these games. As I played in Tottenham with a sense of pride and responsibility, I think I showed a better performance.

I think the team continued to show good performances in the losing games. There were some cases where we messed up the game because we made mistakes that we shouldn’t have done. During these two games, we managed to catch those things and even caught the results of the game. In a way, I think it helped us the most in changing the mood.

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