However, an absurd situation occurred in No. 2 Kim Do-young’s at-bat. Son Dong-hyun’s first ball fell out of his hand and flew toward the back net. Third base runner Park Jung-woo slowly homered to tie the game 1-1. Ko Young-pyo’s 13 wins and Yang Hyun-jong’s 11 losses have never happened.

No. 9 Park Kyung-soo’s at-bat after Lee Ho-yeon, pinch hitter of No. 8 after two outs in the top of the ninth inning, walked after a full count match. In the match against Lim Ki-young, the bat turned on a low slider at 130km in the third pitch in the ball count 1B1S, and it became a two-run shot well over the fence in the middle. Park Kyung-soo hit 25 home runs in 2018, five years ago, but there was no home run this year. The sudden first home run of the season came at the moment when the team needed it most. I tasted it in 376 days. 3-1. 온라인카지노

KT posted closer Kim Jae-yoon in the bottom of the ninth inning. KIA also showed its final strength. After one out, Han Jun-su’s double on the right-field line and Socrates’ lucky hit on the third base line led to a 2-3, 1-point lead. Kim Sun-bin’s right-center hit then gave him a chance to tie the game with one out and runners on first and third bases.

However, Kim Jae-yoon caught No. 7 Kim Tae-gun with a fly to the second baseman and finished No. 8 Oh Sun-woo with a hooking strikeout. Kim Jae-yoon recorded his 29th save, leaving only one save in the milestone of 30 saves for the third consecutive year.

After the game, manager Lee said, “Ko Young-pyo pitched so well in seven innings that he set the stage for winning.” Kim Jae-yoon also praised the mound, saying, “He prevented the last crisis well,” and “Park Kyung-soo’s golden home run allowed him to win.” All the players who showed concentration until the end did a good job,” he said, praising the players who won their second consecutive game. “I am grateful to the fans who cheered until the end,” he said in a statement to thank the fans who visited the stadium and cheered.

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