Hanwha’s sincerity in “I’ll Meet You” melted Kim Kang-min’s heart at 12 p.m. The beast gave up on the one-club man

Kim Kang-min replied that he is currently in Daegu, so he will stop by Daejeon tomorrow.

Hanwha’s sincerity captured the hearts of an FA-class veteran. Kim Kang-min has decided to extend his career with the Hanwha Eagles. 5 winning rings. The symbolism of a one-club man is an irresistible temptation for a professional player. It is an honor that cannot be exchanged for a player. However, Kim Kang-min gave up all of them and decided to wear the orange uniform of the Hanwha Eagles.

Kim Kang-min strongly expressed his intention to extend his active duty at a meeting with Sohn Hyuk, the general manager, during the day today. It must have been a big concern, but Kim Kang-min has already made up his mind and came down to Daejeon. The reason is simple. This is because he felt great sincerity from Hanwha.

Hanwha honored Kim Kang-min as much as possible.Even if he retires, he has always expressed his intention to respect his will, and he wanted to play for more than a year. I knew Kim Kang-min’s sincerity better than anyone else, so I thought of him as a resource that I could be with as a coaching staff if he was a good senior. 토토사이트

There was no specific proposal about him, but Sohn Hyuk, the general manager, personally explained his need and persuaded him, saying, “Let’s do it together.” Hanwha was the land of opportunity.

If you do well, you can play more than that. There were also positive cases, such as Jung Woo-ram’s playing coach. In the end, Kim Kang-min made up his mind strongly. Leaving the fans of Incheon behind, he gave up the glory of being a one-club man and headed to Daejeon.

With this decision, Kim Kang-min may also give up SSG’s permanent number. However, he decided to end his baseball career to win his first championship with the Hanwha Eagles.

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